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BBA: International Business (IB) Major

More and more businesses in the United States have contacts with customers or sources of supply abroad. An increasing proportion of American business output is sold to foreign buyers. A growing percentage of materials used to make products in the U.S. come from outside its boundaries. Similar trends exist in most nations. Business transactions frequently involve a payer in one nation and a payee in another. Investment and lending are increasingly international in character.

This major will help you acquire the skills and knowledge in general business along with knowledge of a foreign language and a specialization in another business discipline such as marketing, management, information systems, economics, accounting or finance.


  • International Business. Not available to Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS) or Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) students

Discovery is Our Business!

Our advantage as international business majors is that we have the chance to study abroad and live and learn in a different country. Stephen Crespin, Class of 2009

My education at NMSU has proven invaluable to the success of my career here at the U.S. Department of State. The solid foundation I received with my Master’s in Economics degree prepared me to discuss a wide variety of issues, from sanctions and bilateral trade agreements to telecommunications policy and business law. Angi Pendergrass, Master of Arts in Economics

BBA and BA: Economics Majors

Economics explains why prices rise or fall; why incomes are high or low; why people live better in some countries than in others; why recessions and unemployment occur; and why governments play active roles in the economy. Course offerings include Latin American economic development, the economics of the border region, public finance, labor, natural resources, health care, sports, and public utility regulation. You will be prepared for a variety of careers ranging from those as economists in business, government and nonprofit organizations to the law. Economics is a common major of people who later become CEOs of major corporations.


  • Economics. Not available to Bachelor of Individualized Studies (BIS) or Bachelor of Applied Studies (BAS) students

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