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Discovery is Our Business!

Finance Department

Mission Statement

The Finance Department serves the educational needs of the people of New Mexico by providing students and other constituents with knowledge and analytical skills in the areas of finance and business law, through programs of education, research and public service. Approved Aug. 28, 2009.

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Insurance Studies Program

The Finance Department’s Insurance Studies program was the first in the mountain states region and is renowned for its highly qualified faculty and strong industry support. Students in this program earn a minor in risk management and insurance in conjunction with their academic major.

Our program provides a foundation of knowledge in the insurance industry that enables our students to hit the ground running and in some cases may significantly reduce their on-the-job training by insurance companies. The insurance faculty serve as liaisons between companies seeking to fill career positions or internships/co-ops and students seeking them.

Support through the Insurance and Financial Services Center (IFSC) allows us to provide our students with a variety of benefits and career opportunities not typically found in other business programs. The Insurance and Financial Services Center is dedicated to supporting students, faculty and industry in the pursuit of knowledge as it relates to the field of insurance.


Discovery is Our Business!

I love NMSU. I love the atmosphere and I love the professors. They taught me what I needed to know in terms of owning a business. They taught me every step of the way. Jessica Morales, exclusive Allstate insurance agent/owner, Jessica Morales Agency, Santa Teresa, NM, Class of 2008


BBA: Finance Major

Finance majors learn the art and science of managing money, including analysis and management of risk. Our students are equipped with the analytical tools, knowledge, and critical thinking skills necessary for successful professional careers.

Our finance graduates are in high demand and command some of the highest salaries for college graduates.

The finance major offers you the opportunity to focus your program of study in any of these areas:

  • Corporate finance
  • Financial planning
  • Investments
  • Banking
  • Risk Management & Insurance

Double Major

Some students choose to “double major” which means that they work to complete the requirements for two different majors simultaneously. Earning a second major may only require one additional semester. Contact Dr. Ken Martin for information.

Minors for Finance Majors

Many finance students also complete a minor in another discipline. By carefully selecting the courses, you can often complete a minor without any additional semesters of study. Finance students are eligible for these minors:


Students from any major can broaden the strength of their degree by adding one or more minors to their program of study. The Finance Department offers these minors:

Graduate Programs

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