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Graduate Certificate in Finance

Ken Martin, program advisor (click image for contact info)

Ken Martin, program advisor. Click image for contact info

Mission & Educational Objectives

The Graduate Certificate in Finance is designed to serve two groups of individuals:

  • Current graduate students from a variety of NMSU programs who wish to expand their primary area of study to include a focus in Finance; and
  • Non-degree seeking students (such as professionals in Finance and related careers) who have completed an undergraduate degree and wish to refresh, update and extend their knowledge and skill set in Finance.

The courses may provide basic continuing education, or may be used to prepare for career advances, including taking professional certification exams. Courses are delivered primarily face-to-face.

The wide variety of course options that satisfy the certificate requirements allows both groups of students to tailor their program of study to fit their specific needs or areas of interest.

The Graduate Certificate in Finance was approved by the Graduate Council on May 6, 2010.

Interested students should review the departmental Admissions page and the Graduate Student Services page on Graduate Certificates for the requirements for admission into the Graduate Certificate in Finance program.

See the program’s:

  • Advising page for links to the Department Application form and information on developing a program of study.
  • Admissions page for details on admissions requirements.
  • Course Requirements page for course listings and descriptions, and availability by semester.
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