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Management Department

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BBA: General Business Majors

General Business is good preparation if you are interested in operating your own business and need expertise in a variety of business areas.

This major allows you to choose from a broad range of course options instead of focusing on a single discipline.

If you would like to focus on a particular area of general business, we offer options in General Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tribal Management; the Tribal Management option is offered through our Distance Education program.

Distance Education

Discovery is Our Business!

Professors and staff are always willing to go far and beyond to help you. Brenda Corral, Class of 2008

BBA: Management Major

Management is part of all business endeavors. You can manage people, systems, organizations, programs, processes, the environment, risks and crises. Do it with a degree in Management. If you would like to focus on a specific area in management, we offer four options:

  • Human resource management.
  • Project and supply chain management.
  • Managerial leadership.
  • Small business management and entrepreneurship.

Internships & Co-ops


We offer a minor in Management and the opportunity for you to develop your skills and cross-functional abilities in a highly competitive job market. As institutional leaders of the future, students of management will be endowed with the knowledge and ability to develop their own human potential as well as the knowledge of how to lead others and achieve a common mission.

Graduate Degree

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