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New Mexico State University
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Marketing PhD Program

Dr. Michael Hyman, Marketing PhD Coordinator

Dr. Michael Hyman, Marketing PhD Coordinator. Click image for contact info

Current Students

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Future Students

The next date for consideration of program applicants is early June 2014

The faculty of the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is committed to training researchers and educators who will shape marketing scholarship, practice, and pedagogy. The program emphasizes preparing candidates to understand the complexities of modern business while they develop a specialized area of expertise in marketing.

Read more about our program in the Marketing PhD Recruitment Information document (Updated January 2014).

Awards and Placement

Research awards earned by our students include best paper awards at the Society for Marketing Advances and American Marketing Association Educators’ conferences, and research grants from our college.

In the last 5 years, our graduates have been hired at academically strong universities with diverse missions. Current affiliations include:

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