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Degree Requirements

PGA Golf Management Requirements

  1. All freshman and sophomore year courses need to be completed before beginning upper-division (300 or above) business courses. Exception: MKTG 293.
  2. General elective requirements vary by major. If you place out of MATH 115, you must still meet the 128-hour requirement to graduate and may need to take an additional general elective outside the College of Business.
  3. Sixteen (16) months of co-op education is a requirement for graduation from the program. It is recommended that you do co-op over each of the summer sessions (approximately 3 months each) and an extended co-op (approximately 7 months) at any time, preferably at the end of your senior year.
  4. PGA’s Educational Program: It is a requirement for the PGA Golf Management designation that you complete Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the PGA’s Educational Program. It is offered on campus every January just before the beginning of the Spring semester. Also, you may take it at the PGA’s Education Center in Port St. Lucie, FL, or at any of the other PGA Golf Management Universities.
  5. Successful completion of the Playing Ability Test (PAT) is a requirement for graduation from the program.
  6. Requirements to complete MKTG 481:
    1. Complete 16 months of co-op.
    2. Complete Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of the PGA’s Educational Program.
    3. Pass the Players Ability Test (PAT).
  7. Students who complete this degree will earn a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA); major will be Marketing with a designation/specialty in PGA Golf Management.
  8. Students have 8 years to become a member of the PGA using the first day of NMSU registration as the start date.

NMSU Requirements

The 4½-year PGA Golf Management Program leads to a BBA with a major in Marketing and a specialization in Golf Management. Our program prepares graduates for careers as PGA members at various golf facilities and golf industry positions.

Along with the course work, students complete 16 months of co-op (internship) under the supervision of PGA Class A Professionals at different golf facilities which include golf courses, PGA or LPGA Headquarters, PGA section offices, and other employment opportunities within the golf industry.

In addition to course work and co-op experiences, students will complete the PGA’s entire Professional Golf Management Educational Program (Levels 1-3) while attending NMSU. Students will also complete the PGA’s Playing Ability Test (PAT) while enrolled at NMSU.

Once all required course work, 16 months of co-op, all three levels of the PGA’s Golf Management Educational Program, and the PGA’s Playing Ability Test (PAT) are completed, NMSU PGA Golf Management students will receive PGA membership upon graduation (if they are eligibly employed).

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