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8. P&T/Performance Evaluation Timeline Guidance

Approved: October 20, 2010

For use by Department Heads and Deans

April 1 P&T Candidates who intend to apply for tenure and/or promotion in the Fall should advise DH, and provide list of suggested external reviewers (minimum 3). DH forwards the list to the Dept. P&T Committee Chair.
Mid-April Retention
Dept. P&T Committee reviews tenure track faculty and makes recommendations for renewal of temporary contracts and assessment of progress toward tenure. Separate votes on each issue; numerical ballot results in letter to DH; letter signed by all committee members.
Mid-April P&T Dept. P&T Committee adds names to candidates’ lists of proposed external reviewers. Names must be individuals who have agreed to participate in the review (Candidate provides 3 names, committee provides 3 additional names.)
April 30 P&T DH and P&T Committee Chair agree on minimum of 3 external reviewers with at least one from each list. (May choose 2 from each list to protect against situation where one reviewer fails to deliver on a timely basis.)
June 1 P&T DH contacts proposed external reviewers, sends out packets with request for review (the University P&T policy has a form letter to use for this). Cover letter includes deadline, typically August 1 (this provides time to seek another reviewer if one does not fulfill the request). Note: Review by Dept P&T Committees cannot commence in the Fall until external letters are available.
Summer P&T Candidates prepare application portfolio (Core Document and the supplemental Documentation file) with assistance as necessary from DH.
Mid-September P&T Candidates deliver complete documentation file to DH who notifies Dept P&T committee members that the portfolio is available for review.
Mid-October P&T Dept P&T Committees meet to review and vote on candidate applications for Promotion and Tenure. Recommendation letter with numerical ballot results to DH; signed by all committee members.
October 31 P&T DH reviews candidate file, adds Dept P&T committee letter and his/her own recommendation letter to Dean, delivers the file (core document and supporting document notebooks) to the Dean’s office.

— Include the Contract Status cover form (Janice can provide this form.)

— DH provides copy of Dept Committee letter and his/her own recommendation letter to candidate.

Early-November PerfEval DH’s send email to their faculty advising of deadline for annual performance review (sometime between December 1 and the end of December).
Mid-November P&T College P&T Committee reviews applicant portfolios, and meets to discuss and vote on Promotion and Tenure decisions. Recommendation letters for each candidate, including the numerical vote, signed by chair, delivered to Dean.
December PerfEval Faculty update data in Digital Measures, and submit “Annual Faculty Activity Report” for calendar year to DH, by department deadline.
January 15 P&T Dean reviews candidate portfolios and writes recommendation letters.  Dean’s office provides all P&T candidates with copies of letters from College P&T committee and the Dean’s letter.
February 1 PerfEval DH’s complete performance evaluations and prepare summary and deliver summary to Dean’s office.
Feb. 15 PerfEval Dean meets w/ DH’s to review their evaluations of faculty performance.
March 15 PerfEval DH’s meet with every faculty member to review performance evaluations (and sign) by this date.
March 15 PerfEval Staff submit performance reports as requested by supervisors for period ending Feb 28; DH’s submit reports to Dean.
March 30 PerfEval Supervisors confer with 2nd level regarding proposed evaluation of staff.
March-April P&T Dean’s conference with Provost to make final decision about P&T candidates. Dean to provide summary tables and forms at least 5 days prior to conference.)
April 15 PerfEval Dean meets with DH’s to discuss their evaluations & supervisors meet with staff to discuss performance evaluations and sign.
April-May P&T Letters to candidates with decisions are delivered. For “no” tenure decisions, DH must ask candidate to sign the contract status form “acknowledging notification of non-renewal”.

Individual responsible for monitoring process: xxx
Review cycle: xxx

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