2. Allocating Faculty Positions & Faculty Planning

Date of last process review/modification: August 2009
NOTE: Allocating Faculty Positions and Faculty Planning were combined during the Fall 2009 compilation of this online Process Manual.

Allocating Faculty Positions. The purpose of this process is to describe how faculty positions are allocated to departments.

In recent years NMSU has implemented a system to determine whether vacant faculty positions are retained by a department. This involves reviewing the SCH trends in the department over the past three years.

To the extent that the college has discretion, the Dean will conduct a needs analysis. Included in the analysis will be future needs related to the college’s strategic plan and AACSB standards with respect, for example, to full time, academically and professionally qualified faculty.

Decisions may also be made to use the funds in the vacant line to address problems such as salary inversion or increases in student retention.

The information is taken to a CEC meeting for further discussion. This discussion serves as the final input for the Dean’s decision, which must then be approved by the Provost.

Individual responsible for monitoring process: Dean
Review cycle: Annual

Date of last process review/modification: April 2001

Faculty Planning. The College will maintain a sound planning process regarding the need for faculty. Part of the faculty planning process involves the allocation of vacant faculty positions to disciplines.

The information used to allocate vacant positions involves a customized minimum faculty calculation and any information deemed relevant by the various department heads.

Once positions are allocated, the department head in consultation with his or her faculty will determine what kind of faculty member is needed in the relevant discipline (i.e., what teaching and research specialties).

This determination is predicated heavily on the departments programmatic objectives and student needs.

Individual responsible for monitoring process: Dean
Review cycle: Annual