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New Mexico State University
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Adkisson, Richard V. (Dept. Head)

Richard AdkissonDepartment(s)

Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business Department


Department Head, Department of EASIB; New Mexico State University
2014-2017: Garrey E. and Katherine T. Carruthers Endowed Chair in Economic Development
Work Phone: 575.646.4988
Building and Room Number: BC 234

Affiliated Programs

About Richard Adkisson

Ph.D. Nebraska, 1995
Research and teaching areas: Economic development, economics of taxation, public policy, institutional economics

Recent Research Projects/Publications

“State-by-State Variations in High-Tech Employment through the Great Recession.” Social Science Journal (forthcoming).

“Culture and Good Governance: A Brief Empirical Exercise.” (with Randy McFerrin) Journal of Economic Issues, 48 2 (2014): 441-450.

“Quantifying Culture: Problems and Prospects.” Journal of Economic Issues, 48-1 (2014): 89-108.

“Tax Structure and State Economic Growth During the Great Recession.” (with Mikidadu Mohammed) Social Science Journal, 51 1 (2014): 79-89.

“Policy Convergence, State Film-Production Incentives, and Employment: A Brief Case Study.” Journal of Economic Issues 47 2 (2013): 445-54.

“Analysis of California Propositions: An Experiment in the Empirical Revelation of Shared Mental Models” (with Randy McFerrin) Social Science Journal 40 (2012): 465-475.

“Pragmatism to Dogmatism: The Laissez Faire Myth and the Disabling of the American Fisc” (with Mikidadu Mohammed) Review of Social Economy 70 4 (2012): 421-450.

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