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Adkisson, Richard V. (Dept. Head)

Dr. Richard Adkisson, DED Program DirectorDepartment(s)

Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business Department


Department Head, Department of EASIB; New Mexico State University
2014-2017: Garrey E. and Katherine T. Carruthers Endowed Chair in Economic Development
Work Phone: 575.646.4988
Building and Room Number: BC 234

Affiliated Programs

About Richard Adkisson

Ph.D. Nebraska, 1995
Research and teaching areas: Economic development, economics of taxation, public policy, institutional economics

Recent Research Projects/Publications

“Culture and Good Governance: A Brief Empirical Exercise.” (with Randy McFerrin) Journal of Economic Issues (forthcoming, June 2014).

“Quantifying Culture: Problems and Prospects.” Journal of Economic Issues (forthcoming, March 2014).

“Tax Structure and State Economic Growth During the Great Recession.” (with Mikidadu Mohammed) Social Science Journal (forthcoming, March 2014).

“Policy Convergence, State Film-Production Incentives, and Employment: A Brief Case Study.” Journal of Economic Issues 47 2 (2013): 445-54.

“Analysis of California Propositions: An Experiment in the Empirical Revelation of Shared Mental Models” (with Randy McFerrin) Social Science Journal 40 (2012): 465-475.

“Pragmatism to Dogmatism: The Laissez Faire Myth and the Disabling of the American Fisc” (with Mikidadu Mohammed) Review of Social Economy 70 4 (2012): 421-450.

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