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New Mexico State University
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National investment firm BelHealth buys genetics labs developed at NMSU

July 6, 2013 by Amanda Bradford, NMSU News Center What began as a research endeavor of New Mexico State University that was struggling to sustain itself financially has become a multi-million dollar trio of companies that were recently purchased by a national investment firm – bringing funds back to the inventors and into Arrowhead Center’s ongoing efforts to commercialize innovation. More »

Small things bring big rewards for Genetic Testing Lab and NMSU

Aug. 4, 2006 by Jeany Llorente-Ontiveros NMSU News Center In 2005, the Genetic Testing Laboratories (GTL) Inc. partnered with New Mexico State University to venture into the multi-million-dollar world of genetic testing. After more than a year in the market, both the partnership and endeavor proved to be a success. “We have more than surpassed our expectations,” said Jack Ellis, one More »

NMSU, private investors partner to expand Genetic Testing Laboratory

March 14, 2005 by Jeany Llorente NMSU News Center New Mexico State University has partnered with private investors Jack Ellis and Bill White to expand its presence in the multi-million-dollar genetic testing industry. The Genetic Testing Laboratory Inc., a for-profit DNA-based human identity lab, is located on the NMSU campus. Kevin Boberg, director of NMSU’s Arrowhead Center Inc. and a More »