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Researchers launch smart grid epicenter at NMSU

NMSUnews Published on Apr 11. College of Business Editor's Note: Jeffrey Teich, Department of Management, is a major researcher in the iCREDITS Center Research Coordination group, whose goal is to "Design coordination mechanisms that allow smart grid entities to coordinate their actions to ensure reliable and efficient energy delivery." April 15, 2014 by Isabel A. Rodriguez, NMSU More »

Mentoring our students: April 1 & 2, 2014

April 8, 2014, by Anthony Casaus, Assistant Dean-Development, College of Business Gary Mallory Albuquerque’s Heads Up landscaping business owner Gary Mallory, Andrew Key (president), and Eddie Padilla (VP-marketing), variously met with COB faculty, staff, and students: Met with Rick Adkisson, Ken Martin, Steve Elias and Anthony Casaus on April 1 to discuss recruitment of COB students More »

NMSU Business Outlook: March 2014

A Short Note to New Subscribers Welcome new subscribers! NMSU Business Outlook is a free, monthly online publication sponsored by NMSU’s College of Business. Its primary audience is business practitioners and laypersons. If you prefer not to receive these alert emails, which link to each new monthly issue, please contact me at and I’ll remove your email address from the subs More »

NMSU Alumni Association announces outstanding graduates for fall 2013

December 10, 2013 by Dana Beasley, NMSU News Center The New Mexico State University Alumni Association recently announced the university’s fall 2013 Outstanding Graduates. The awards recognize students who excel in overall academic performance, active participation in leadership roles, and professionalism and social responsibility in the form of community involvement. Honorees from New Me More »

Researcher finds tribal wisdom, business ethics more related than they seem

November 25, 2013 by Amanda Bradford, NMSU News Center Relationships. Sharing. Trust. Usefulness. These are some of the attributes that are highly valued in indigenous cultures. Meanwhile, recent headlines outside these tribal communities too often relate tales of how some business leaders have breached the public trust and prioritized personal gain rather than helping others. But resea More »

SHRM: USC Professor John W. Boudreau Wins SHRM HR Research Award

October 2, 2013. Received via email October 1, 2013, from Kate Kennedy, Media and Public Affairs Manager, Society for Human Resource Management Reprinted with permission from the Society for Human Resource Management Editor's Note: Dr. Boudreau graduated from NMSU's College of Business (Class of '77) with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. SAN DIEGO – John W. Boudr More »

LCSN: Las Crucen competes in ‘American Ninja Warrior’

August 16, 2013. Retrieved online August 16, 2013 from Matlin Smith. Former Sun-News intern Jocelyn Apodaca contributed to this report. Las Cruces Sun-News. Copyright 2013, Las Cruces Sun-News, reprinted with permission. College of Business Editor's Note: Jose Rodriguez (class of 2008) is a co-founder of ROJO Ink along with COB alum Aron Jones (class of 2009). Both have double majors from t More »

NMSU Business Outlook: June 2013

Tribes as Separate Sovereigns Gavin Clarkson, New Mexico State University As the newly formed United States began its inexorable march westward, it developed an insatiable appetite for more land. Unfortunately, the Indians occupied the desired land. To satisfy western expansion goals, the Indian lands usually were not taken by force but were instead ceded to the United States by treaty in retu More »