911 Cell Phone Bank recycling program

March 28, 2011 by Amanda Bowen via email

All Las Cruces and DACC students, faculty, and staff:

In 2009, the NMSU Las Cruces and DACC campuses became some of the first in the nation to participate in the 911 Cell Phone Bank recycling program. This program is designed to provide recycled cell phones to people for use in calling 911 during emergencies.

Please help by donating your old cell phones, chargers, and batteries.

Phones collected are sent to a recycling center where they are reconditioned and tested. Phones in good condition are programmed for 911-only calling and sent back to NMSU to be issued to students, faculty, and staff in need.

Phones not able to be reconditioned are sent for end-of-life recycling of individual components. If you are missing some components (like a charger or battery), you can still drop off what you have for recycling.

Phone drop-off locations include:

  • NMSU Police Department – main lobby (west end of campus on College Drive)
  • Hadley Hall – office of SVP Ben Woods (north wing, main floor)
  • Corbett Center – ASNMSU student government office

Once reconditioned, the NMSU Police Department has been able to make the used phones available to those in the community with a need. While they can’t be used for making regular calls, the 911-only phones still provide a lifeline to emergency services without any monthly charges. They are more practical than the old-fashioned “blue light” phones that require a person go to a specific location and stand in the open while calling for help, and they work equally well on and off campus.

If you are in need of a 911-only cell phone, you can stop by the NMSU Police Department and pick one up between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday or call 646-3311 to set up an appointment.

Thank you for helping us help others and for recycling your old phones in an environmentally responsible manner.

Amanda Bowen
NMSU Police Department
Special Events and Crime Prevention
(575) 646-3424
(575) 646-6346 Fax

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