BAC Mission

Mission Statement

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a proactive organization dedicated to sharing experience and expertise to support the College of Business at New Mexico State University (NMSU) through internships, student mentoring, and alumni engagement.

To achieve this mission, the BAC will actively participate in the following areas:

Administrative Resource

  • Be a resource and sounding board to the Dean of the College.
  • Act as a general consulting resource.
  • Assist in the development of annual and long-term strategic plans.
  • Participate on task forces as requested.
  • Help ensure that the BAC mission and objectives are accomplished.

External Resource

  • Develop contacts, working relationships and networking opportunities with outside constituents.
  • Create business partnerships for both the College and business leaders.
  • Build and strengthen College outreach programs.
  • Provide introductions and cultivate prospects for fundraising purposes.
  • Present professional development opportunities for members and their employees.
  • Utilize business opportunities to introduce individuals to the COB and New Mexico State University.
  • Re-engage alumni in NMSU activities

Internal Resource. Participate in at least 4.

  • Advise the College on current marketplace and educational needs.
  • Participate as guest speakers.
  • Provide career placement opportunities for COB undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Provide undergraduate and graduate internships to COB students.
  • Provide materials for case studies.
  • Act as judges and panel members for events such as the Business Plan Competition and COB classes.
  • Be a resource to secure outside speakers and panel members.
  • Be a mentoring resource for COB students.
  • Be a resource for the COB faculty.