Bureau of Business Research and Services (BBRS). Supports COB faculty and staff in their research efforts. See BBRS for more information.

Center for Border Economic Development (C-BED). The Center's purpose is to marshal resources from across NMSU to promote business expansion and economic development along the U.S.-Mexico border by working closely with businesses, governments, NGOs, and other border stakeholders. See C-BED for more information.

Center for Public Utilities (CPU). Educational and outreach services for professionals employed at federal and state commissions, utility companies and other stakeholders in the electricity, natural gas distribution or interstate pipeline, telecommunications and water industries. See CPU for more information.

Center for Supply Chain Entrepreneurship (CSCE). Connects local, national, and international business to collaborate with NMSU college of business students and faculty to drive, create and enhance supply chain entrepreneurial activity in the areas of supply chain management, and business analytics solutions. See CSCE for more information

Insurance and Financial Services Center (IFSC). Supports students, faculty and the insurance industry; provides scholarships and internship programs for students; promotes research on insurance issues for the Mountain States region. See IFCS for more Information.

State Data Center. Depository for data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau as part of a distributional network; responds to data requests from state and local government agencies, planners, researchers, businesses, not-for-profit organizations and the general public. See State Data Center for more information

NMSU Arrowhead Center. Created by NMSU to be an engine for sustainable economic development. See NMSU Arrowhead Center for more information