Consumer Behavior Lab (COBE). Interdisciplinary resource for studying human behavior and decision-making; researchers test business and economics theories and provide an empirical basis for the development of new theories; enables several different types of quantitative and qualitative research experiments including focus groups, experiments and surveys. See COBE for more information.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. Originally funded by a 5-year $1.25 million Daniels Fund grant to develop a principle-based ethics program to strengthen principle-based ethics education and foster a high standard of ethics in young people. See Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative for more information.

Daniels Fund: Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics. Supported by a grant from the NMSU Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative; applying Native American values in business.

Indian Resource Development (IRD). Promotes and facilitates Native American students’ higher ed opportunities in natural resources, engineering, science, mathematics, business and economic development.

Small Business Assistance. Students and faculty collaborate with government, chamber of commerce, education, and grassroots organizations that support small businesses. See Small Business Assistance for more information.

Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). Students study the market to determine a stock’s true value, develop strategies and make investment selections for the $80,000 Wetherbe Fund, donated by alumnus James C. Wetherbe. See SMIF for more information.

Western States School of Banking (WSSB). The COB provides professional bankers with training in commercial credit, legal issues, marketing and other topics. See WSSB for more information.

NMSU Domenici Institute. Learning opportunities for students/public on New Mexican entrepreneurship; annual public policy conference, other forums; research on policy; repository for Senator Domenici’s archives. See NMSU Domenici Institute for more information.