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November 30, 2009 by Tom Sandford NMSU Round Up

Student body expected to stay at same level or increase slightly in spring semester

As reported earlier this year, New Mexico State University welcomed its largest freshman class in history with 3,633 new students this fall semester, according to the Institutional Research, Planning & Outcomes Assessment office of NMSU.

That amount is predicted to stay the same or grow slightly during the spring semester, said Bernadette Montoya, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management at NMSU.

“Our admission and acceptance numbers are looking pretty good for spring,” Montoya said. “As we start to welcome new students, we’ll be anxious to watch those numbers and see what enrollment looks like.”

Enrollment as a whole looked very good for the fall semester, both at the NMSU main campus and community college branches across the state, Montoya said.

“The trick is keeping students and making sure that they are successful and stay with us until they meet their academic goals,” Montoya said.

Visiting campus is one of the most important deciding factors for a prospective student, Montoya said. The NMSU Office of University Admissions hosts two “Aggie Experience” days every fall semester in which prospective students are invited on campus to learn about NMSU and Las Cruces, and obtain other useful information that can help prospective students make an informed decision, Montoya said.

NMSU student Donna Kreifels said the increase in students is good for the college and can provide funding for needed services.

“It’s not terribly crowded,” Kreifels said. “I think I’d feel different if it was already overcrowded.”

NMSU freshman Sharlee Sharrard said the increase in students has pros and cons.

“I think it creates diversity,” Sharrard said. “But it also reduces resources.”

Tom Sandford is a staff writer and can be reached at trunews@nmsu.edu.

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