Bill and Sharon Sheriff Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship

  • 2018-2021: Ebetuel (Beto) Pallares-Venegas (FIN)
  • 2015-2017: Robert Macy (MGT)


The Bill and Sharon Sheriff Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurship, funded in 2013 through a gift of stock valued at more than $1 million, aims to attract and reward faculty who will provide leadership and expertise in cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship in New Mexico and developing resources that will advance that goal in the state and region. The faculty member awarded the chair will also collaborate with NMSU’s Arrowhead Center, which is an engine for sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship.

Along with the endowed chair, the Sheriffs have established a scholarship for eligible business majors with an additional gift of more than $60,000.



              Bill and Sharon Sheriff

      (NMSU photo by Amanda Bradford)