Grants and Contracts Awards

Adkisson, Rick
FY 2017

  • Contribution to Comprehensive Plan for Sunland Park, NM. Wilson and Company. R. Adkisson (PI). $52,225.
  • Contribution to Infrastructure Plan for Columbus, New Mexico. R. Adkisson (PI). $25,200.

Boje, David and Grace Ann Rosile
FY 2017

  • Measuring the impact of alternative treatment approaches on post-deployment functioning, communication, and well-being among military families. D. Boje (PI); G. Rosile and others (co-PIs). $1,825,000 (Pending).

Elias, Steve
FY 2017

  • NM Turnaround Schools FY17. NM Department of Education. G. Ivory (PI); S. Elias (co-PI). $691,842.

Gard, Charlotte
FY 2017

  • Improving the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium Risk Prediction Model. National Institute of Health. C. Gard (PI). $147,018 (Pending).
  • Irrigation with Brackish Groundwater and Desalination Concentrate: Effect on soil microbial properties, plant uptake and ion deposition in soil. NM Water Resources Research Institute. M. Shukla (PI); C. Gard and others (co-PIs). $81,128.
  • Linked Dataset Analysis of Diparities in Cesarean Delivery Rates on the US-Mexican Border. US Department of Health and Human Services. J. McDonald (PI); C. Gard and A. Amatya (co-PIs). $57,530.

Geisler, Karl
FY 2017

  • Backcountry Safety Mobile Game App. Alaska Avalanche Information Center. K. Geisler (PI). $31,583 (Pending).

Gould, Bill
FY 2017

  • Multi-State Occupancy Estimation of Amphibians in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. National Park Service. W. Gould (PI). $23,655.
  • Acquisition of an ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res Spectroradiometer at NMSU. National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Program. M. Buenemann (PI); W. Gould and others (co-PIs). $118,400 (Pending).

Hoffman, Jim
FY 2017

  • NM Education Leadership MBA Program. NM Public Education Department. J. Hoffman (PI). $3,343,112.

Macy, Robert
FY 2017

  • Next Generation Entrepreneurship. US Department of Commerce. K. Hansen (PI); R. Macy and J. Winingham (co-PIs). $368,760.

Payne, Collin and Mihai Niculescu
FY 2017

  • Exploring Ways to Increase Healthy Purchases within Shoppers and Retailers Budget Constraints. US Department of Agriculture. C. Payne (PI); M. Niculescu (co-PI). $175,000.
  • Setting Up for Success: Developing Strategies to Nudge Low-Income Shoppers to Make Healthier Grocery Store Purchases. US Department of Agriculture. C. Payne (PI); M. Niculescu (co-PI). $475,000.

Peach, Jim
FY 2017

  • Towards Resilient Food-Energy-Water Systems in Response to Drought Impacts and Socioeconomic Shocks: New Mexico. H. Geli (PI); J. Peach and others (co-PIs). $1,544,453 (Pending).