Management PhD Program

We anticipate our next cohort admission will be in Fall 2022 with an application deadline of : February 15, 2022.

 Management GA Handbook: March 2018 

Management Graduate Teaching Assistant Application

The internationally-recognized Department of Management at New Mexico State University

offers a rigorous, research-focused Ph.D. program in management with research areas in

organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy and policy, and operations



Our program – designed for individuals interested in pursuing academic careers in research

and teaching – provides students with exceptional opportunities to collaborate with professors

to produce cutting-edge research articles and presentations, gain classroom and online teaching

experience, and develop expertise in their chosen interest areas through challenging coursework

and mentorship from faculty experts.


NMSU’s management doctoral program prepares graduates to obtain top-quality faculty

positions. Our students have received appointments at such institutions as the US Air Force

Academy, University of Akron, University of Arkansas-Little Rock, Kent State University,

Creighton University, East Carolina University, Western Michigan University, University of

South Dakota, several of the California State University campuses, Texas Southern University,

and Washington State University, among many others.


Our program requires full-time residential study and typically takes four years to complete.

Program requirements include approximately 2.5 years of coursework, a qualifying examination,

a comprehensive examination, and the successful completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

As with all research-based doctoral programs in management, admission to the NMSU Management

Ph.D. program is extremely competitive.


We admit a new student cohort every 3 years. Admission decisions take a number of factors into

consideration, including GMAT or GRE scores (cannot be waived under any circumstance) and

quality of and performance in prior undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as a candidate’s

motivation for management doctoral study, writing and critical thinking ability as demonstrated

through a writing sample, and other personal and professional background experiences.


An especially important consideration in our admissions process is the fit between applicant research

interests and the current work being done by our faculty members.


Otherwise very highly qualified applicants who do not share research interests with our management

department faculty are unlikely to be admitted to the NMSU management doctoral program.


As such, it is highly recommended that applicants proactively reach out to prospective faculty mentors

and discuss the potential for collaboration PRIOR TO APPLYING.


Admitted students typically qualify for graduate assistantship funding. Funded students serve as

teaching/research assistants and are assigned to selected professors throughout all 4 years of the

program, and also serve as the instructor of record for teaching selected classes in years 2-4.


Please visit the links in the sidebar for more information, or feel free to contact me directly

with inquiries or to express your interest in the NMSU Ph.D. in management program. The

downloadable MGT PhD GA Handbook contains detailed program information. We are excited

about the possibility of you joining our learning community and pursuing your dreams of becoming a

business school professor!


Carlo Mora-Monge,

Department Head, Professor & MGT Ph.D.Program Director