Marketing Ph.D. Program

 Ph.D. Program Coordinator: Mihai Niculescu

The faculty of the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration is committed to training researchers and educators who will shape marketing scholarship, practice, and pedagogy. The program emphasizes preparing candidates to understand the complexities of modern business while they develop a specialized area of expertise in marketing.

The Marketing Ph.D. program at NMSU is selective. Competitive applicants require strong intellectual abilities and a commitment to research. The program design assumes that students have completed an MBA degree or its equivalent. The MBA degree provides the core knowledge that is prerequisite to proceeding to Marketing Ph.D. studies. Students without an MBA or a master’s degree in a related field may be required to take additional master’s level courses or to demonstrate equivalent core knowledge. Provisional student enrollment is not permitted.

Specializations, Faculty Research, Alumni Testimonials



Admission Deadlines

Next program admission period pending future announcement.


If you meet the Marketing Department’s February and May deadlines,
you will also meet the Graduate School and International Student and Scholar Services
 (international students) deadlines.

Application Deadlines

Submit your online application and documentation to NMSU’s Graduate School by:

Deadline #1: Applications must be complete with all supporting documentation by this date. This deadline is for students who wish to be considered not only for a Graduate Assistantship (awarded to all Marketing Department graduate students), but also for a Graduate Assistant Tuition Fellowship (see Funding Opportunities on the Grad School website.)

Deadline #2: The last application date for regular Fall 2020 admission. Applications must be complete with all supporting documentation by this date.


Application Instructions


Only applicants who have submitted ALL requested documentation will be considered for admission.

Doctoral students are admitted for a full-time degree program in the fall semester. Off-schedule enrollment (i.e., spring enrollment or mid-year enrollment) is not possible.




Awards and Placement. Research awards earned by our students include
best paper awards at the Society for Marketing Advances and American
Marketing Association Educators’ conferences, and research grants from
our college. In the last 5 years, our graduates have been hired at academically
strong universities with diverse missions. Current affiliations include: