Master of Science: Applied Statistics


The discipline of statistics is concerned with the processes by which data are collected and inferences are drawn from these data. Statistical methodology finds use in a wide variety of disciplines: social science, natural science and applied sciences such as agriculture, engineering, business and medicine. Our program is designed to produce graduates who are proficient in the current practices of statistics, and able to enter directly into positions in industry, government or private business.

Our students receive extensive training and experience in statistical consulting in a practical hands-on manner. We encourage you to specialize by developing consulting skills in a particular subject matter area. Consulting and course work provide valuable experience using computers and statistical software. The department’s informal atmosphere permits easy and constant contact between students, faculty and other researchers engaged in educational, consulting and research activities.

The program of study is built upon the strengths, experience and interests of the ASTAT faculty, all of whom serve as consultants to faculty and graduate students in the NMSU community. You will have the skills required to help researchers outside of statistics execute data analyses, design experiments, and/or plan and analyze biological surveys or surveys obtained by mail, phone or personal interview. Our faculty have extensive past and on-going collaborative experience with researchers in a number of disciplines outside of statistics such as:

  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery and wildlife
  • Psychology
  • Education
  • Engineering

Course Requirements

Career Information

The National Science Foundation predicts that over the next decade there will be more job openings for statisticians than applicants with appropriate statistical training. A variety of employment opportunities are constantly opening up in industry, government and academia. The melding of classroom instruction and hands-on training in the art of statistical consulting puts graduates of NMSU’s Applied Statistics Master program in an excellent competitive position for career opportunities as consulting statisticians.

American Statistical Association (ASA) Career Center.
“As the largest professional association for statisticians in the world, the ASA serves as the main clearinghouse for information about jobs, careers, and employment for the statistical profession.”

Who Hires Our Graduates?