Insurance Internships/Co-ops: Students

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of internship opportunities. Students who can relate principles learned in class to real-world business situations ultimately develop a richer understanding of the world of insurance. Internships take place in both company and agency organizations.

The majority of internships are in New Mexico, usually for 10-week periods during summer. Internships may also be done during regular academic semesters.

COB Internships

Complete the Insurance Studies Student Internship Request Form and return it to the Finance Department, Business Complex Room 222.


  • Take the initiative. Based on interviews with past interns we have some ideas on how to make the most of your internship.
  • Make a good first impression. Listen and show interest by asking questions about the company.
  • Be professional. Keep a professional appearance; it is better to be slightly overdressed when you start.
  • Be patient with your employer and their staff, especially small business employers.
  • Internships are challenging to manage; many times you will become a lower priority due to a more pressing issue.
  • Align yourself with the staff, learn from them, offer your help.
  • Ask how you can help. Even if you are just an observer at a sales meeting ask if you can help get ready for the meeting or evaluate how the meeting went.
  • Listen and learn at meetings with company clients. Afterward, ask questions about what happened and why.
  • Find creative ways to be helpful. When you are asked to attend a meeting or training session ask how you can help.
  • Let the employer and staff know about your interests. They want you to have a positive experience. If you tell them what you like you may get more interesting assignments.
  • Be organized. Be on time. Get an appointment book.
  • Thank the employer and staff for their help at the end of your internship.
  • Leave a good impression. Whatever you do, do the best that you can. It is important not only for you but also for interns who come after you.


External Internships

Apply directly to the employer.