Bachelor of Business Administration: International Business

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This major is offered through the Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business (EASIB) Department. We also offer an International Business Minor.

IB majors must also complete an international experience which may involve working or studying abroad. NMSU provides assistance in identifying appropriate international experiences, including exchange programs under which students pay NMSU tuition rather than the tuition of the foreign university.


Businesses and government agencies need employees who are knowledgeable about foreign trade, balance of payments, management, finance and global marketing. Business transactions frequently involve a payer in one nation and a payee in another. Investment and lending are also international in character.


The IB major will help you acquire skill and knowledge in general business along with knowledge of a foreign language and a specialization in another business discipline such as marketing, management, information systems, economics, accounting or finance.



Sample Careers

See more sample careers at NMSU’s Information on Majors:

  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • International Advertising Executive
  • International Appraiser
  • International Bank Manager
  • International Buyer
  • International Commodities Trader
  • International Economist
  • International Financial Analyst
  • International Financial Planner
  • International Job Analyst
  • International Loan Officer
  • International Marketing Specialist
  • International Media Planner
  • International Product Manager
  • International Quality Control Auditor
  • International Sales Analyst


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