How to add or drop a minor in the College of Business:

  • Complete the Declaration/Change of Minor form. (See our Student Forms page.)


You can “declare” a minor while pursuing your degree (your major).

A minor can add versatility to your knowledge, skills and abilities.

Some students prepare for their intended career with their major while pursuing personal interests with a minor.

Other students pursue their major and declare a minor to specialize in a subject and make themselves more attractive to employers.


Major: Consists of the specific set of classes you take during college.

Minor: A smaller (or secondary) field of study or specialization that requires fewer courses or credits than a major. If you’re getting a degree in another field, you might consider getting a minor in a business field. For example:

A business student majoring in Accounting
might want to minor in Information Systems.
An engineering student
might want to minor in Management.