Graduate Certificate: Sustainability

The Sustainability Graduate Certificate is open to students admitted to the Graduate School who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Completion of the certificate requires completion of each of the individual courses with a B or better.

The following courses are required and are expected to be taken in sequence:

  1. BA 550, Special Topics (Seminar in Sustainability Development in the Green Economy)
  2. ANTH 536, Anthropology of Development
  3. ANTH 536, Plants, Culture and Sustainable Development
  4. MGT 548, Business Consulting

In MGT 548 graduate students conduct an environmental audit during a consulting project to a small business, or a public, or a non­‐profit organization. The project includes at least two interventions that improve the sustainability of the organization (such as energy savings, reduction of use of natural resources, development of more sustainable relation to the ecosystem, and so forth).