MBA/BS in Engineering

Dual Bachelor of Science in Engineering/MBA Program

Overview. This dual degree program is designed for engineering students with management, consulting or entrepreneurship aspirations, and provides these students with the opportunity to differentiate themselves in an ever increasingly competitive job market.

Engineers generally excel in the development of new and improved products and improving the processes used to manufacture those products. MBAs are particularly skilled at directing organizational resources toward achieving the tactical and strategic goals of the organization.

MBA program graduates who have solid undergraduate engineering backgrounds can be expected to have excellent qualitative and quantitative skills, the expertise to understand and take part in the technical aspects of product development and production, an understanding of the tools and techniques used in business decision-making, a solid background in business practices, and well-developed problem-solving and people skills. MBAs possessing all of these capabilities are highly sought after in today’s global marketplace.

Benefits of Participation as an Undergraduate. Those who are approved for the dual degree program will receive assistance in selecting courses to meet the background knowledge requirements for the MBA that can often be applied to meet undergraduate degree requirements.

Those who delay applying for the program may need to take as many as 12 credits in undergraduate business courses before being prepared to advance through MBA course requirements.

In addition, those in the dual degree program will generally be allowed to apply one of their upper-division engineering courses to meet one of the MBA requirements, and will be allowed to begin taking MBA graduate courses during their senior year under the Graduate Study by University Senior rules.

(Per NMSU Catalog: Requires 3.0 GPA over the most recent semesters in which the last 45 semester credit hours were completed).

Application Process. For more information contact the MBA Advisor.

  1. Print the Dual Degree Program Application and return it to your department head in engineering or to the academic associate dean in engineering for approval.
  2. If your application is approved, your engineering department will forward your application to the MBA Program.
  3. Once the MBA Program receives your application, you will be contacted by the MBA office and invited to meet with the advisor concerning undergraduate courses to be taken to satisfy the MBA background knowledge requirements, and the formal application to the MBA program (submitted during the final semester as an undergraduate).
  4. During the final semester of the senior year, the student will formally apply for admission to NMSU’s Graduate School and the MBA program using NMSU’s online system. Students who graduate with a 3.5 undergraduate GPA, or a 3.0 undergraduate GPA and acceptable GMAT or GRE score, will be accepted into the MBA program.

Program of Study. We are developing degree plans for all engineering majors that map a degree plan which incorporates the MBA undergraduate background knowledge requirements and MBA graduate level courses during the senior year.

Those that are currently available are located on the Undergraduate CHME Curricula website.

Background Knowledge for the MBA program. As a participant in the dual BS/MBA program, the student will, while completing the requirements of the Bachelor of Science degree, also complete the prerequisite coursework for the MBA program (in addition to taking up to four MBA courses [12 credits] during the senior year). Course options:

  • Financial Accounting: ACCT 221 (formerly ACCT 252)
  • Management Accounting: ACCT 222 (formerly ACCT 251)
  • Macroeconomics: ECON 251G, ECON 304, or ECON 372
  • Statistics: A ST/E ST/STAT 251G, E ST 311, STAT 371, I E 310G, I E 311, I E 365, I E 460, or CHME 311
  • Calculus: MATH 142G, MATH 191, MATH 192, or MATH 291
  • Finance: FIN 341, I E 451, C E 450, CHME 452
  • Marketing: MKTG 303