MBA Course Requirements

Background Knowledge

Our program requires a minimum level of background knowledge (prerequisites) including knowledge and skills in managerial accounting, financial accounting, macroeconomics, financial analysis, marketing, calculus and statistics.

Students must establish background knowledge competency within the first year of admission to the MBA program and take no more than 9 MBA course credits before completing the background knowledge courses.

Background knowledge requirements are:

  1. Financial Accounting: ACCT 221
  2. Managerial Accounting: ACCT 222
  3. Macroeconomics: ECON 251
  4. Financial Analysis: FIN 341 (see FIN 341 challenge exam)
  5. Principles of Marketing: MKTG 303
  6. Calculus: MATH 142G or MATH 191
  7. Statistics: A ST 251G or STAT 251, or A ST 311G

Equivalent courses that can be transferred from other New Mexico institutions: MBA Prerequisites: NM Course Articulation Matrix (Updated June 5, 2013)

Courses from other institutions deemed equivalent will also satisfy background knowledge requirements. Working with the relevant departments, the MBA Advisor will determine course equivalency.

Demonstrate competency in any background knowledge discipline by taking the appropriate competency exam(s) prior to beginning your first semester of enrollment in MBA courses. Exams are offered for each of the seven background knowledge topics and are administered by the College of Business academic departments. Each competency exam can be taken only once. A satisfactory score will fulfill corresponding prerequisites. Upon request, the MBA office will provide interested students with relevant details. Refer to the Economics, Applied Statistics & International Business Department for statistics and calculus competency exams.

Required Courses (36 Credits)

The basic MBA program is made up of twelve courses, eleven of which are required.

The twelfth course is a graduate elective in business.

BA 590 and MGT 590 (capstone courses) must be taken at the end of the program.

BA 590 must be taken during the final semester.

  1. ACCT 503 Managerial Accounting
    • Prerequisites: ACCT 221 with a grade of B or better –and– ACCT 222 with a grade of B or better
  2. BCIS 502 Business Information Systems
  3. BLAW 502 Legal Environment of Business
  4. ECON 503 Management Economics
    • Prerequisite: Statistics with a grade of B or better
  5. FIN 503 Financial Management
    • Prerequisite: FIN 341 with a grade of B or better
  6. MGT 502 Operations Management
  7. MGT 503 Organizational Behavior & Management Processes
  8. MGT 512 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
  9. MKTG 503 Marketing Management
    • Prerequisite: MKTG 303 with a grade of B or better
  10. BA 590 Professional Paper and Presentation.
    • Must be completed during the final term of the student’s program
    • Prerequisites: Minimum of B average with no grade less than C in: ACCT 503, BLAW 502, FIN 503, and MKTG 503
  11. MGT 590 Strategic Management
    • Must be completed at the end of the student’s program of study
  12. Elective: One graduate business elective (3 credits; course numbered 500 or above) selected from the MBA Approved Electives list. Updated July 27, 2016

Transfer of MBA Credits

Transfer credit should be approved by the MBA Office early in your program and will require that you provide official transcripts, appropriate written justification (including course descriptions), and other documentation such as course syllabi.

Generally, it is expected that you will not take MBA courses at other institutions after you have been admitted to NMSU’s MBA program. You must obtain prior approval of the course’s department head if such work is to be transferred to the MBA program.

Up to 9 credits of transfer work can be applied to meet MBA program requirements if the credits were earned in a program accredited by AACSB International.

To be eligible for transfer credit, you must have earned at least a B in the course(s).

BA 590 and MGT 590 must be completed at NMSU.

Final Examination

Oral defense of the paper written in fulfillment of the requirements specified under BA 590 will constitute the final examination as required by the Graduate School, and will be scheduled and completed in accordance with the timetables prescribed by, and other requirements of, the Graduate School.


A thesis is not required. With special approval, however, a degree candidate may elect to write a thesis with at least 6 credits under BA 599 in lieu of BA 590.

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