MBA Online Program

Cohort-based Distance MBA Program

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NMSU’s Cohort-based Distance MBA Program is designed for the working professional wanting to continue their education without compromising their current career. The program allows individuals to obtain their MBA in 24 months through a hybrid course delivery method.

Courses are delivered online and include a synchronous component in which students are able to engage at a distance on one evening each week. The synchronous element allows for interaction between the instructor and students and among the students. Class videos are recorded and are available to students throughout the semester.

Students are expected to take two courses each semester and each summer for two full years. The program begins with a face-to-face orientation on the Las Cruces campus and concludes with a three-day meeting in Las Cruces.

Curriculum requirements include all required courses for the MBA Degree. Specific background-of-knowledge courses must be met before the start of the program. Previous academic work may be substituted for certain prerequisites; however, it is best to contact the MBA Advisor for course advising information. Students are not allowed to substitute MBA program courses based on prior work due to the nature of this program.

In addition to standard NMSU tuition and fees, there is a special fee of $250 per credit for participation in the program. Costs other than these include books, supplies, transportation to Las Cruces for the orientation and concluding meeting, and accommodations in Las Cruces.

Admission and graduation requirements are the same as for the on-campus MBA Program.

How to Apply:

Benitez Jones of Soccoro, Texas, is a project engineer for Detroit-based construction firm Walbridge. An NMSU alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he says he enrolled in the College of Business’ cohort-based distance MBA program because it allows him to continue traveling with his job while working toward his degree. (Courtesy Photo) FEB16 The fact that we can have a virtual class and don’t have to physically be in class is very convenient. You can basically be anywhere in the world and do this program, as long as you are online for the scheduled virtual class. The flow of the classes over the Internet is great, too.
Benitez Jones, Cohort MBA Class, 2015
07/30/2015: Woodrow Wilson MBA program participant and NMSU alumna Colette Martinez (Photo by Darren Phillips) Being able to close the achievement gap requires some direct and deliberate attention to the details that created it in the first place. The business world takes into account the details and uses them to drive specific responses.
Colette Martinez, Cohort MBA Class, 2015