MBA Concentration: Public Utility Regulation

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Students in the MBA program may choose to pursue a concentration in public utility regulation. The concentration is designed to prepare graduates for careers in the utility sector with an electric utility company, natural gas utility, water distribution utility, or a government agency regulating these types of companies.

The concentration can also be earned by students pursuing the Master of Arts in Economics.

The concentration provides advanced technical instruction on utility industry analysis and prepares students for the rigors of utility regulatory methods, policy, and analytical applications.


The concentration in Public Utility Regulation consists of the following courses. One of these courses will serve as the elective in the MBA program and two of the courses will substitute for courses MGT 512 and B A 590 in the standard MBA program (because the learning objectives of the utility regulation courses meet the learning objectives of the two basic MBA courses).

Catalog Year 2017-2018. Total Credits: 12

  • ECON 571 Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity I
  • ECON 572 Regulatory Policy and Industrial Analysis: Water and Natural Gas
  • ECON 573 Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity II
  • ECON 574 Advanced Seminar Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis

Note: In a typical year, Econ 571 and 572 are offered during the fall semester and Econ 573 and 574 are offered during the spring semester. Students should consider this as they plan their program.