Contact Current MGT PhD Students

Dina Denney
Year in Program: 2nd
PhD Specialization: Strategy/Change Management

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in RF systems from University of Texas of Dallas, MBA with an emphasis in change management from University of Texas at Tyler, MPA with an emphasis in change management from University of Texas at Tyler.

Research interests: Organizational change management, strategy, leadership, organizational psychopathy and mixed methods research analysis.

Dina Denney is currently a second-year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University at the College of Business, in the Management Department. Mrs. Denney lived in Germany for nearly seven years where she graduated from a private Department of Defense school. During this formative period in her life, she encountered a myriad of cultures and people while traveling extensively throughout western Europe. After returning to the United States, she served her country for six years in the U. S. Navy.

She has worked in private sector companies such as Johnson Controls, G. E., and Boeing, as well as in the public sector at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Her research interests extend to the merging of private sector business practices into the public sector, specifically, the need for successful implementation of lasting change management.

Bahareh Javadizadeh
Year in Program: 3rd
PhD Specialization: Strategy and Policy

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering, IUT; MBA at Payame Noor University, Iran.

Research interests: Strategy, leadership, storytelling.

Javadizadeh has working experience in private sectors in Iran. She has been involved in non-profit activities as well, such as being a part of NGOs.

Her current research projects include investigation of women veteran’s leadership in combat, sandtray therapy, and family communication.

Gabriella Lewis
Year in Program: 4th
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior

Degrees: MSc degree in International Business with a concentration in Marketing, Human Resources, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Oxford Brookes University.

Research interests: Organizational politics, self-determination theory, corporate social responsibility, constructive deviance, employer branding, and academic leadership.

Lewis has a diverse international background and has worked for a wide variety of public and private organizations
for 12 years prior to joining NMSU.

Lewis has taught MGT 309 (Human Behavior in Organizations) both online and face-to-face, and MGT 454 (Work
Teams in Organizations).

Yanni Liang
Year in Program: 3rd
PhD Research Area: Strategy and Policy

Degrees: Master of Accountancy, NMSU; Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Suzhou Science and Tech University.

Research interests: Strategy implementation, financial analysis, quantitative analysis, and strategy differentiation from multicultural.

Liang has three years of school teaching experience, four years of industrial experience and a masters degree in accountancy.

Liang’s research interests are in the implementation of business strategy and the reflection of strategy shift in business financial and non-financial behaviors. Liang is also interested in the topic of strategy differentiation due to culture differentiation.

Jennifer Miles
Year in Program: 2nd
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior

Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of San Diego; Master of Business Administration, University of San Diego; Master of Science in Management, University of California Irvine.

Research interests: Ethics, diversity, leader-member exchange, leadership.

Miles has working experience in banking as a small business specialist, international education, and teaching. She has taught BUSN 361: International Business at USD and will be teaching MGT 309 at NMSU in the fall.

Her current research projects include examining the effects of ethical leadership and regulatory focus, the power/interaction model, organizational change in Eastern European countries, a study of business school rankings, and e-commerce.

Carma Claw Nez
Year in Program: 4th
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior

Degrees: Business management with an emphasis in information systems, University of Utah.

Research interests: Organizational behavior, diversity, leadership, and indigenous business management. Her most recent presentations were at the Quantum Storytelling conference and the Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics conference.

Nez’s experience as a graduate assistant includes organizational behavior, business strategy, marketing, and business information systems. She offers over 17 years of industry experience with a majority of those years at two top-flight defense electronics companies.

An additional strength Nez embraces is a commitment to the Native American/ American Indian community through various activities. She is an active member of the Doctoral Business Student Association (DBSA), Native American Business Student Association (NABSA), Management Doctoral Student Association (MDSA), and the PhD Project. Nez is an enrolled member of the Diné (Navajo) Nation.

Mabel Sanchez
Year in Program: 2nd
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior

Degrees: International Business, BA, and MBA with an emphasis in research methods from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Research interests: Organizational behavior and change, diversity, gender and organization, alternative paradigms, feminist theory, storytelling, and qualitative methods.

Mabel Sanchez has a B.A. in International Business and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She is currently a second year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University in the Management Department. Mabel worked in the government and private sector, including the World Trade Center El Paso/Juarez, the New Mexico Border Authority, and the Dallas Independent School District. Working as an Ambassador of Mexico at UTEP for three years, the interaction with people from eleven different countries, and having lived in the United States, Mexico, France, and England has marked her research interest in diversity, gender and organization, organizational change, feminist theory, and qualitative research. Mabel returned to the US/Mexico borderland to study diversity, where there are Native, Asian, American, and Mexican cultures that work and prosper; it is a window into the United States’ future.

Eugene Sull
Year in Program: 2nd
PhD Specialization: Operations Management

Degrees: Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University; MBA, Sogang University, South Korea.

Research interests: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Service Quality, Quality Management, E-Commerce

Sull’s current research explores service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in mobile banking.

Before joining the PhD program, his prior experience included work as an engineer, researcher and marketing manager at Samsung Thales, LS Industrial Systems and Research Institute for 10 years.

Bio forthcoming.

Ruoqing Zhang
Year in Program: 3rd
PhD Specialization: Operations Management

Degrees: B.S. in Textile Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China; M.S. in Industrial Engineering, NMSU.

Research interests: Supply chain management and e-commerce.

Zhang has a rich industry background in both manufacturing and IT companies. He worked as an operations manager and database administrator in past years.

His research interests focus on transnational electronic commerce.

Currently, he is a teaching assistant in Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, and Operations Management.