Contact Current MGT PhD Students

Dina Denney
Year in Program: 4th
PhD Specialization: Strategy/Change Management

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in RF systems from University of Texas of Dallas, MBA with an emphasis in change management from University of Texas at Tyler, MPA with an emphasis in change management from University of Texas at Tyler.

Research interests: Organizational change management, strategy, leadership, organizational psychopathy and mixed methods research analysis.

Dina Denney is currently a second-year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University at the College of Business, in the Management Department. Mrs. Denney lived in Germany for nearly seven years where she graduated from a private Department of Defense school. During this formative period in her life, she encountered a myriad of cultures and people while traveling extensively throughout western Europe. After returning to the United States, she served her country for six years in the U. S. Navy.

She has worked in private sector companies such as Johnson Controls, G. E., and Boeing, as well as in the public sector at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Her research interests extend to the merging of private sector business practices into the public sector, specifically, the need for successful implementation of lasting change management.

Shravya Dharba
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Operations Management/Strategy

Degrees: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, PSG College of Technology, India Master of Engineering in Engineering Management, Certification in Systems Engineering Management and Data Exploration and Visualization for Risk and Decision Making, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, U.S.

Research interests: Operations and Supply Chain Management, Operational Decision Management, Project Management, Corporate Governance

Shravya is a first-year doctoral student in Management at New Mexico State University, New Mexico. She believes in keeping an explorative attitude and inquisitive mind is a key to constant learning process. She enjoys solving mysteries and puzzles. She considers pursuing a doctoral degree as an opportunity to talk about new ideas, a chance to apply those ideas into real-world situations and challenges and hopefully solve some of these challenges. With some background operations research and decision making, she obtained during her Masters, she focuses to work on operations management and supply chain management.

Shammi Gandhi
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior/Human Resource

Degrees: Master of Business Administration (New Mexico State University (NMSU)), Bachelor of Education and Master’s in Education (Guru Nanak Dev University, India), Bachelor of Commerce and Master’s in Economics (Punjabi University, India)

Research interests: Job Satisfaction, Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Workplace Challenges, Diversity, Training, Employee Performance and Empowerment.

Shammi is a first-year doctoral student in the Management Department of College of Business at NMSU. She moved from India to Las Cruces, NM in 2010. Before moving to US, she was a College Instructor for almost four years and taught methods of teaching Economics and psychology in the College of Education, Punjab, India. However, before working on her MBA degree, she took a pause on the professional front and spent her energies on raising her kids. Her focus at present is on learning various key components of Management field of study, which can empower her to design a multi-disciplinary research study for her Doctoral dissertation. Her future research projects may focus on developing a comprehensible set of work practices in alignment with the organization’s goals, impact of automation on job satisfaction, training and employee engagement and shift in workplace challenges.

While working as Graduate Research Assistant and Program Specialist in College of Health and Social Services at NMSU, Shammi also developed key marketing strategies to promote dual degree program of master’s in public health and master’s in social work from NMSU. Additionally, she has co-authored an article on “Contributions to Public Health Social Work students to their professions and communities”, which is accepted to be published in Health Promotion Practice.

Ali Mchiri
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Degrees: Master of Business Administration – NMSU, Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting – UTEP

Research interests: Strategy and policy implementation in a multicultural context, moderating role of culture in entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics.

Ali Mchiri has extensive working experience in the private and government sectors overseeing multi-million dollars budgets and contracts. He is also experienced in managing and owning a small business. Prior to joining the PhD program in Management at NMSU, Mr. Mchiri participated in The Ph.D. Project where he learned more about the PhD journey and careers in academia. Having the advantage of being born and lived abroad in the Mediterranean/North African region, Mr. Mchiri offers diverse insights when it comes to diversity, multiculturism, and doing business in diverse cultures. His research interests include strategy, entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics in cross-cultural contexts.

Jimoh Fatoki
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Operations management and supply chain

Degrees: Master in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, University of Ibadan; Bachelor in Wood Products Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Research interests: Supply chain partnership, e-commerce, product design and quality control.

Mr Jimoh Fatoki grew up in Nigeria, a developing country in Africa, where he gained academic and industrial experience. He worked in a wood-based industry as part of the production team, and also as a quality control officer in Jebba Paper Mills Ltd., Nigeria. Before embarking on a PhD journey, Mr Jimoh worked as a Research Assistant at Lagos Business School in Nigeria, where he actively took part in a number of researches in the school’s operations management unit.

Saba Rudsari
Year in Program: 1st

Degrees: MBA from New Mexico State University.
Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from New Mexico State Univerity. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Yazd University, Iran.

Research interests: Strategy, Leadership, Operations Management.

Saba Rudsari is a first-year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University a the College of Business, in the Management Department. Before joining the program, her prior experience included work as the project manager and structural engineer in the Management office for Physical Resource in Iran. She also worked as an advisor and the counter manager of Clinique in the U.S., 4D- printing project’s entrepreneur lead (Aggie I-CORPS) and the program specialist (ERC Environmental Design Contest) in College of Engineering at NMSU. Saba’s research interests extended to Strategy, Leadership, and Operation Management.

Mabel Sanchez
Year in Program: 4th
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior

Degrees: International Business, BA, and MBA with an emphasis in research methods from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Research interests: Organizational behavior and change, diversity, gender and organization, alternative paradigms, feminist theory, storytelling, and qualitative methods.

Mabel Sanchez has a B.A. in International Business and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). She is currently a second year Ph.D. student at New Mexico State University in the Management department. Mabel worked in the government and private sector, including the World Trade Center El Paso/Juarez, the New Mexico Border Authority, and the Dallas Independent School District. Working as an Ambassador of Mexico at UTEP for three years, the interaction with people from eleven different countries, and having lived in the United States, Mexico, France, and England has marked her research interest in diversity, gender and organization, organizational change, feminist theory, and qualitative research. Mabel returned to the US-Mexico borderland to study diversity, where there are Native, Asian, American, and Mexican cultures that work and prosper: it is a window into the United States’ future.

Ji-Yeon Seok
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Organizational Behavior and Strategy

Degrees: Master of Arts in Economics, Vanderbilt University, U.S.A.; Master of Business Administration, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea; Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Konkuk University, Republic of Korea

Research interests: Positive organizational scholarship / Positive relationships at work, Virtuous/Responsible leadership, Employee well-being, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Ji-Yeon Seok has been involved in non-profits, social enterprises, and start-up companies as an employee, consultant, or volunteer for more than ten years in Republic of Korea. Through this experience, her research interest – which was always oriented to enhancing the quality of life, especially for the most vulnerable citizens – moved from a macro perspective to a micro level. She came to understand the influence of micro-interactions within organizations in achieving the sustainability and welfare of organizations, their employees, and the communities they serve or belong to; hence, her current research interests focus on these relationships and outcomes within firms.

Eugene Sull
Year in Program: 2nd
PhD Specialization: Operations Management

Degrees: Bachelor’s in Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University; MBA, Sogang University, South Korea.

Research interests: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Service Quality, Quality Management, E-Commerce, Customer Behavior, Project management

Sull’s current research explores the major antecedents of mobile banking customer loyalty. He has taught MGT 344 (Production and Operations management) both online and face-to-face.
Before joining the PhD program, his prior experience included work as an system engineer, researcher and marketing manager at Samsung Thales, LS Industrial Systems and Research Institute for 10 years.

Ruoqing Zhang
Year in Program: 5th
PhD Specialization: Operations Management

Degrees: B.S. in Textile Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China; M.S. in Industrial Engineering, NMSU.

Research interests: Supply chain management and e-commerce.

Zhang has a rich industry background in both manufacturing and IT companies. He worked as an operations manager and database administrator before joining the management Ph.D. program.
His current research interests focus on transnational electronic commerce, specifically, how technology influences merchants’ operations strategy and consumer behaviors across different channels. He is also interested in investigating key factors of supply chain integration (internal, customer, supplier).

Qin Zhou
Year in Program: 1st
PhD Specialization: Public Administration and Statistics

Research interests: Organizational Behavior

My name is Qin. I was a sociology major for my undergrad. After I graduated, I came to the States for my graduate school. I got a master degree in Public Administration and then a master degree in Statistics from University of Vermont. Before I moved to Las Cruces with my family, I was a PhD candidate in Management Information System at Iowa State University. Now, I am a first year Ph.D. student in Management at NMSU. My interest is in Organizational Behavior.