Actuarial Science

Actuaries deal with risk, which is the uncertainty about future events. They are employed by insurance companies, commercial banks, investment banks, consulting companies and retirement funds.

The actuarial profession has consistently been ranked as one the best jobs in the country. If you are looking for a career that is intellectually challenging and very well paid, consider NMSU’S Actuarial Science Program.

The College of Business Insurance and Financial Services Center (IFSC) helps students with the costs of actuarial exams.

Contact Dr. Tim Query, Chairholder, Mountain States Insurance Group Endowed Chair for the Study of Insurance and Financial Services.


MATH 331 Introduction to Modern Algebra, or MATH 332 Introduction to Analysis
STAT 371 Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I
STAT 470 Probability: Theory and Application
STAT 480 Statistics: Theory and Applications

Non-departmental Requirements
ACCT 251 Management Accounting
ACCT 252 Financial Accounting
BLAW 316 or BLAW 385V
ECON 251G Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 252G Principles of Microeconomics
EE 161 Computer Aided Problem Solving
ET 360G Technology in Business and Society
FIN 322 Principles of Insurance
FIN 326 Business Risk Management
FIN 341 Financial Analysis and Markets

Departmental Electives (9 hours)
At least 9 additional upper-division credit hours of approved courses prefixed MATH or STAT. See the catalog for a list of approved courses.
At least 6 of the Math and STAT credit hours must be numbered higher than 400.

Insurance Electives (Pick 2 of 4)
FIN 303V Personal Financial Planning and Investment in a Global Economy
FIN 323 Life and Health Insurance
FIN 324 Property and Liability Insurance
FIN 392 Insurance Internship and Cooperative Education I

NMSU: Actuarial Science Program

Offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, this program includes the courses required by the Minor in Risk Management & Insurance. Coursework focuses on the analysis of risk and its applications to insurance and finance.

  • Students earning a B.S. in Mathematics can choose an emphasis in Actuarial Science and Insurance. This emphasis draws on courses from mathematics and business to prepare students for a mathematical career in insurance.
  • Students fulfilling the requirements for the Actuarial Science and Insurance program can earn the Minor in Risk Management & Insurance.

Contact Tim Query or Robert Smits (NMSU Mathematical Sciences Department).

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