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Undergraduate Distance Ed: Degree Completion Programs

Degree completion programs. Our undergraduate distance ed programs are degree completion programs, also called 2+2 programs. For example:

Complete your first 2 years of lower-division courses (including general education requirements) at either:

  • a two-year institution such as a junior or community college in New Mexico, or
  • at NMSU or another four-year institution, or
  • via the Internet from NMSU campuses.

Transferring credits? Call our Advising Center, 575.646.3836.

Complete your last 2 years of required upper-division courses for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) online through NMSU’s Distance Education program.

If you have substantially completed your lower-division classes for the 2+2 program at another institution, send an official transcript(s) to the NMSU Admissions Office. Instructions are provided on their website.

Having trouble enrolling for an online class?

Sections M80 through M89. These online classes are restricted to enrollment by students formally accepted into one of the online degree completion programs of the College of Business.

Ineligible students who attempt to enroll in restricted sections are presented with a Program Restriction error. Program restrictions are lifted from these classes on the date faculty return to campus for the semester (see the Faculty Report date in the current undergraduate catalog). Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that seats will be available when the restriction is lifted, so do not plan your schedule based on that assumption.

Sections M70 through M79. These online classes are not restricted in this way, and are generally available to all students who meet all other applicable enrollment requirements.

If you are not enrolled in a degree completion program:

Use the departmental forms below. If a department does not have a form here, contact the department. (All departments are listed under the Departments and Offices tab above.)


Online ECON, A ST and I B courses:
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Online FIN, BLAW, and BUSA 111 courses:
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Online MGT courses: Management Department
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Online MKTG courses: Marketing Department
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