Online BBA: Marketing

The Marketing Department offers this degree completion program via the Internet for all students.

Marketers are problem solvers who are challenged to match customer needs and tastes with an ever increasing array of goods, services and ideas.

Our marketing program will prepare you to excel in this highly dynamic field of business.

Course Information

The courses below should not be taken until the required lower division courses are substantially completed.

Distance education students completing the BBA with a major in marketing will complete the following upper division business core courses:

  • BCIS 338, Business Information Systems. Prerequisite: BCIS 110G or CS 110G or consent of the instructor
  • BLAW 316, Legal Environment of Business
  • BUSA 421, Integrated Business Concepts I. Prerequisites: BCIS 338, BLAW 316, FIN 341, MGT 309, MGT 344, MKTG 303
  • FIN 341, Financial Analysis and Markets. Prerequisites: ACCT 251 and 252, ECON 251 and 252 or consent of the instructor
  • MGT 309, Human Behavior in Organizations
  • MGT 344, Production and Operations Management. Prerequisites: Statistics, BCIS 338, MKTG 303
  • MKTG 303, Principles of Marketing
  • Upper division elective in economics or experimental statistics, excluding E ST 311G
  • Upper division elective in business, excluding EST 311G

In addition, complete two required courses which are typically offered every semester, including at least one summer term. These courses are:

  • MKTG 310. Marketing Research: Design, collection analysis, and presentation of research data. This course tends to be one of the most challenging for our students so keep this in mind when setting up your schedule. Prerequisite: E ST/STAT 251 or consent of instructor.
  • MKTG 489. Strategy and Policy: Techniques and analysis of marketing strategy and policy planning and formulation. This course should be taken after you have completed a majority of your marketing electives.

Complete six marketing upper division electives from the list below. A mix of these courses is offered online each semester with most being taught at least once a year. Any of the following courses (both 300 and 400 levels) may be taken once you attain junior status in the program.

  • MKTG 311. Consumer Decision Processes: Different aspects of consumer behavior and variables affecting consumer decisions.
  • MKTG 313. Retail Management: Retail business operations and the strategic profit model, store location, layout, display, merchandising, operations, and personnel.
  • MKTG 314. Advertising Strategy: Advertising as a business administration function and communication with consumers as a means of attaining marketing goals.
  • MKTG 317. International Marketing: Decisions relating to entering markets, market segmentation, marketing strategies, and tactics in the international arena.
  • MKTG 454. Sports Marketing: Application of marketing concepts to the sports industry, including fans/customers, products, and promotions across a range of sports.
  • MKTG 455. Services Marketing Management: How service organizations can grow and prosper through application of marketing.
  • MKTG 457. Internet and Social Media Marketing. Consumer psychology and marketing strategies in advertising and selling brands via the Internet and social media networks.

Finally, two Viewing a Wider World (VWW) courses are required. These are specially designated upper division general education courses. One course must be taken from two different colleges other than the College of Business.