Accounting Masters Hooding Ceremony: Dec 9, 2011

December 13, 2011 by College of Business Staff

The Accounting and Information Systems Department hosted a hooding ceremony for the graduating Masters of Accountancy students and their friends and families.

Masters of Accountancy Fall 2011 graduates are: Mina Alinejad, Christy Allison, Sujan Bhandari, Jon Blazak (also the NMSU Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Student), Wesley Burghardt, Kalyn Garcia, Michael McGinley, Fati Mint Amar, Rebecca Pate, Matthew Ray, and Jean Marie Stobbe.

Video series available in our YouTube Celebrations playlist

Part 1. Dr. Ed Scribner, Department Head, Accounting and Information Systems Department, welcomes the graduating Masters of Accountancy students and their friends and families to the ceremony.

Part 2. Dr. Kevin Melendrez, Assistant Professor of Accounting, gives the faculty keynote address.

Part 3. Master of Accountancy student, Matthew Ray, gives the student keynote address.

Part 4. Dr. Cindy Seipel, Professor of Accounting and the Master of Accountancy program director, explains the history of graduation regalia and the hood. Dr. Kevin McNelis, Assistant Professor of Accounting, calls the graduating students’ names. Drs. Garrey Carruthers (Dean, College of Business) and Ed Scribner (Department Head, Accounting and Information Systems) congratulate the graduates.

Part 5. Dr. Ed Scribner: Closing Remarks.

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