AOL: PhD in Marketing

Current Assessment Plan & Reports

Ethics training. Extensive resources (cases, modules and items by topic) are available in the COB Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Teaching Resources webpages.

Learning Objectives

Goal 1. The program provides students a general theoretical grounding in the disciplines of business and a thorough understanding of the literature in an area of concentration.

Goal 2. The program seeks to develop student skills necessary for the successful dissemination and instruction of marketing concepts and marketing management practices.

Goal 3. The program seeks to develop research skills needed to identify, diagnose, test, conduct, and act on issues of interest to organizations, management, and their relevant social systems. Specifically, to be prepared to conduct original research that expands the knowledge base and to hone skills for communicating that knowledge orally and in writing.

Goal 4. The program instills an understanding of ethics, values, and integrity related to professional activities and personal relationships.