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Class Registration Issues


Advising Tools

  • COB Syllabi
  • NMSU Syllabus Resources. Provides required syllabi content and additional resources and information to develop course syllabi. This resource can be used in three ways, depending on the needs of the instructor.

TO BE DISCUSSED >> Graduation | Syllabi (can link to Syllabi)

Class Registration Issues

Academic FAQS. Information about registration issues that your advisees and other students may encounter.


Waitlisting is in place for all classes in the College until the day before classes begin. Waitlisting is an automated process that makes space available to the first person on the waitlist when someone drops the class. That student then has 24 hours to register before the next person on the list gets an opportunity to add the class.

If you allow a student to add your class (using the override process described below or the add slip process), then you are intervening in the waitlist process — so that a student who has been notified that they can add the class may not be able to do so.

NMSU has more information about waitlisting at

Adding classes after the second day of the semester

Students must have instructor approval to add classes after the second day of the semester. This can be accomplished by signing an add slip or by providing an electronic override (see below).

NOTE: Even if you provide a closed class override a student may still be unable to register — this will occur if the class is restricted to students in the online general business and marketing majors (SECTION 80 classes) or if the student has not completed prerequisites.

Prerequisite Overrides

Through myNMSU it is possible for faculty members to override prerequisites, allowing students to register themselves. After extended and on-going conversation with the advising staff and with department heads, I ask that you not override prerequisites electronically. The reason is that prerequisite issues often involve factors that you may not be aware of — such as the university restriction that students complete the basic skills courses in math and English before taking upper division courses.

If you wish to let a student take your course and the student has not completed the prerequisites for that particular course, sign an add slip and INDICATE SOMEWHERE ON THE ADD SLIP, that you are waiving the course prerequisite.

Closed Sections & Electronic Overrides

If your class is closed (full relative to the registration cap) and you wish to add students, you may do so by signing an add slip for the student or by doing an electronic override (the method preferred by the Advising staff) in myNMSU.

If you use the override method, please inform the students that they may then register themselves for the class. A suggested email to the students is given below.

Closed Sections. Suggested email to students:
I have issued an override which will allow you to self-register in the requested course. Please note that you have not been registered. To complete the process, you must add the class to your schedule through your MyNMSU account. You will not be able register using the class search system; instead, follow these steps to register:
– Navigate to the Student and Financial Aid tab.
– Find the Quick Links box.
– Click on the “Registration” link.
– Select the appropriate term from the drop-down menu and click the “Submit” button.
– Click on the “Add or Drop Classes” link.
– Enter the 5-digit course reference number (CRN) into one of the boxes near the bottom of the screen.
– Click on the “Submit Changes” button.
If your registration is successful, the class will appear in the “Current Schedule” area of the page with your other coursework.

Student Registration Guide

Useful for dates, deadlines and other semester-relevant info.

  1. Go to NMSU’s Student Registration Guide webpage.
  2. Select “Important Dates and Deadlines”from the drop-down menu at the top of the webpage.

Registration errors common to Business students

Major Restriction. If you encounter this error on all upper-division (300-499 level) business courses, this indicates you are not yet eligible to enroll in upper-division business courses. It is the policy of the Business College that all lower-division degree requirements must be satisfied before students are eligible to enroll in upper-division Business courses.

What to do about it: Continue to make progress toward your remaining lower-division requirements, Viewing a Wider World requirements, and general electives. If you receive this message and you have completed all 100 and 200 level requirements, review your email for a mid-point degree check email from Angie Salido.

Program Restriction. If you encounter this error when attempting to enroll in an online upper-division (300-499 level) business course, this indicates you have attempted to register for a course section (M80) earmarked for students formally admitted to one of the Business College 2+2 Distance Education programs.

What to do about it: Only one section of any given class (section M80) is restricted in this way. Try to register in a face-to-face section of the same course, or in a different online section (M70-M79) of that course. If the restricted (M80) sections still have available seats the restriction will be lifted and main campus students will be eligible to register — however, there is no guarantee that seats will be available at that time, so do not plan your schedule based on the assumption that you will be able to register.

Campus Restriction. Las Cruces campus (main campus) students are not eligible to register in courses delivered by the satellite community college campuses.

Administrative Withdrawals for non-attendance & failure to submit work

Instructors may seek administrative withdrawals of students from their courses.

To accomplish this:

  1. Complete a paper add/drop slip and an Administrative Withdrawal form for each student. The forms can be obtained from your departmental offices or from the Advising Center in Guthrie 109.
  2. Include on the Administrative Withdrawal form an explanation of why you are seeking to withdraw the student — for example, persistent absences or persistent failure to submit assignments.
  3. Route the form to the dean of the student’s college (generally translated as the academic associate dean). In the case of business majors, the forms can go directly to Karen Melendrez in Guthrie 109. For non-business students the forms go to the student’s college — rather than to the college in which the course is offered.

Note: You are not required to submit these forms. The decision is up to you. If you choose to submit the forms, they should be turned into the appropriate college by the deadline to withdraw from a class.

Star Degree Audit

Log-in. Info about the STAR Degree Audit and STAR Degree Planning Application. Guide/overview of the STAR Degree Audit and STAR Degree Planning system; how to access the system, read audits and map courses to degree completion.

VIDEO: How to Access a STAR Degree Audit
VIDEO: How to Read a STAR Degree Audit.

COB Degree Plans

By program: Undergraduate Programs
Or view all COB degree plans for the past 6 years (all valid catalogs) by program


I Grade Information Form

Removal of I Grade and Change of Grade. NOTE! Requires hard-copy printed, stamped with the official NMSU COB stamp, and delivered to the Registrar via the COB records clerk (Angie Salido). Currently, ONLY Yvonne and Yolanda are authorized to place the seal/stamp on the hardcopy after deans’ signatures. Forms should be hand delivered to the Dean’s office – never sent with a student. Dean’s office will take care of signatures, stamps or seal, and delivery to Registrar’s office. The COB will continue to process carbon-set forms until we run out or are told otherwise by the registrar.

Helpful info for students

Direct your students to the COB webpage Academic Resources.

Topics include:

  • Graduation information
  • Instructor office hours
  • Tutoring
  • Degree checks
  • Academic Survival Kit (writing and presentation tips)
  • Ethical expectations