1. Business Advisory Council

Date of last process review/modification: 1998

The Business Advisory Council consists of selected business people who provide advice and insight to the college’s administration and faculty. The advice generally focuses on broad, college-wide issues.

The College of Business at NMSU is supported by the BAC.

The BAC is advisory in nature and its primary purpose is to provide advice and insight to College of Business faculty and administration.

The BAC provides an external source of advice and guidance on topics including strategic planning, undergraduate curriculum, MBA curriculum, student recruiting, student placement, fund raising and, in general, the role of a business college in a changing economy.

Essentially, the BAC serves as a major bridge or conduit between the college and the business world.

The BAC membership consists of various business people who have an interest in helping College of Business. The selection is made by the Dean.

The BAC meets twice each year, during the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Fall meeting is typically on campus, with the Spring meeting being out-of-town (i.e., Ruidoso). The meeting format is all day Saturday or Friday afternoon plus Saturday morning. The meetings are generally “working meetings” in which the BAC members address issues which are critical to the college (rather than simply presentations by College of Business).

In addition to attending meetings, BAC members are expected to pay annual dues of $500. These funds are used as “seed money” to support College of Business activities not funded by the state (i.e., alumni newsletter, fund raising expenses).

Individual responsible for monitoring process: Dean
Review cycle: Annual