Promotion & Tenure Materials

COB P&T Guidelines

The COB follows the procedures set forth in the NMSU Policy Manual (Section 5.90) regarding the P&T process:

The COB has a P&T timeline to help ensure that department heads and deans accomplish tasks in a manner consistent with college practices. This timeline may also be useful to P&T applicants.

General COB P&T processes and policies are contained in the COB Process Manual:

Department policies are provided in the sidebar on the right.


These forms are available to fill in and print electronically. Contact your department secretary.

  • Contract Status Form
  • Non-Contract Promotion Form
  • Portfolio Routing Form

These forms are available online:

College P&T Guidelines Archive. Do not use. For archival purposes only.
P&T Guidelines Revised Aug. 18, 2008
P&T Guidelines Revised Jan. 10, 2008
P&T Guidelines: Aug. 17, 2005