Panorama: Aguilera makes shopping in the sky easy

April 13, 2010. Retrieved online: April 13, 2010, by Louie Calderon ’09 Aggie Panorama



If you’re wondering what new high-tech products those goofy inventors are cooking up, check the SkyMall catalog in the seat pocket in front of you the next time you fly.

Christine (Dupnik) Aguilera ’86 is the president of SkyMall, the only in-flight catalog in the U.S. The Phoenix-based catalog reaches 650 million travelers each year, which represents about 90 percent of travelers on U.S. airlines.

“SkyMall offers thousands of unique, innovative products from hundreds of top brands and manufacturers,” Aguilera says.

You name it, they got it – from top-sellers like the cordless Keep Your Distance Vacuum, which can suction up bugs from up to two feet away, to the Bark Free Pro, which uses ultrasonic tones heard only by dogs to stop them from barking.

Although there are plenty of everyday items in the catalog, the amusing ones tend to be the attention grabbers.

Aguilera started with the company in 1997 when Bob Worsley, founder and president of SkyMall at the time, hired her as general counsel and vice president of business development.

When Worsley retired in 2003, Aguilera was named his successor.

“He was and is a great friend and mentor to me,” she says.

After Aguilera graduated from New Mexico State University, she attended law school at the University of Texas. She would later meet Worsley while working with a large law firm that specialized in corporate law.

Aguilera attributes her success to NMSU’s College of Business and her involvement in student organizations.

“The experience I gained at NMSU has been invaluable to me in my career,” she says.

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