Arrowhead Center

Text is outdated — from at least 7 years ago (if not more)

Arrowhead Center: $5 million. NMSU’s Arrowhead Center builds upon the former Entrepreneurship Center which was established in 1998. Arrowhead Center is the economic and business development leader for NMSU, helping to create an environment for small businesses to grow.

An Arrowhead Center Endowment will be used to provide opportunities for every student at NMSU to take courses in entrepreneurship regardless of their college or major and would also allow for directed learning experiences in establishing or operating a business enterprise.

Arrowhead Research Park, under development between Interstates 10 and 25, is helping to create even more learning and earning opportunities for students, faculty, small businesses and industry colleagues.

The Arrowhead Center:

  • Conducts research to convert ideas into marketable technologies by bringing together innovative researchers, savvy entrepreneurs, eager students, and effective public and private partners.
  • Launches start-up companies by serving and supporting the entrepreneur from idea to enterprise.
  • Grows New Mexico companies that contribute to a thriving economic ecosystem.