EIR Program Overview

Contact: Anthony Casaus

I. Background
The largest business college in New Mexico with 75 faculty members and more than 2,500 students, the New Mexico State University (NMSU) College of Business (COB) offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for students to interact with faculty and the business community as a regular part of their academic programs. An emphasis on faculty-student mentorships allows students to concentrate their studies in areas of personal interest and deepen their core understanding. The College’s active engagement of the business community provides numerous opportunities for students to hear from and interact with individuals who exemplify success in their field.

II. Overview
The COB has established an Executive-in-Residence Program to enhance the academic, public policy and economic development efforts at NMSU. This program, and the appointed Executive-in-Residence, will assist the College to become nationally recognized for its efforts in business, research and public policy as it relates to critical issues facing New Mexico and the nation.

The COB strives to enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students through directed learning experiences. Students balance theory and research with practical business skill development by solving actual business problems with the assistance of faculty members and the Executive-in-Residence. The Executive-in-Residence adds a dimension to the College’s practical curricular elements that facilitates exploration of relevant business issues, allows for the development of meaningful relationships between the executive and the students/faculty, and builds a solid foundation for long-term partnership with the College.

The Executive-in-Residence provides business leaders, policy makers, faculty, students and staff access to industry-based knowledge. The program builds upon the executive’s knowledge of the most current trends and issues in these areas, as well as incorporates his or her insight into best practices.

III. Purpose
The purpose of the Executive-in-Residence Program is to link industry to academia by applying practical and sound knowledge to critical issues related to business, public policy and economic development. The Executive-in-Residence will serve as an industry expert and help focus the initiatives of the College to the needs of the industry.

IV. Description of Functions and Responsibilities
The Executive-in-Residence will be selected to fill this role based on a variety of criteria, including professional background, interests, and industry expertise. Over the course of the residency (time commitment to be determined), each resident executive will share their knowledge with students and faculty about contemporary challenges and opportunities, as well as the requisite skills and temperaments for success. Each resident will develop a dynamic program aligned with his/her expertise and accomplishments. Each appointment will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, a fresh perspective, a singular personality and set of interests to inspire students and faculty. Each appointment will be uniquely structured to benefit students, faculty, the executive, and the community.

Activities in the program may include:

  • Provide expertise for COB and related programs.
  • Participate in guest lectures or other speaking engagements to promote topic awareness and the efforts of the College.
  • Provide business experience to NMSU students.
  • Disseminate information for the College, NMSU, the State of New Mexico and the nation.
  • Assist in undergraduate- and graduate-level courses.
  • Offer a series of extracurricular lectures or workshops that can be accessed via distance education technology, or in person, with time for student participation.
  • Present a public lecture on a topic of current interest to the community.

Relationship Building

  • Strengthen the quantity and quality of business and industry relationships to the College.
  • Build bridges from academia to industry.
  • Assist in business development initiatives for the College, including fundraising campaigns.
  • Increase directed learning opportunities for students by providing and/or facilitating internships or co‐ops in industry-specific fields.
  • Provide practical insight to students, such as career counseling or mentoring.

V. Duration of Appointment
An Executive-in-Residence will be appointed for a time period that is feasible for the executive and beneficial to the COB. The Executive-in-Residence can be appointed to an unlimited number of additional terms.

The resident executive may audit any business classes of interest, and may work with COB faculty to expand partnerships with business and industry to increase student recruitment, solicit recommendations regarding curricula, and participate in practical research.