ASNMSU: 100 years of serving NMSU students

February 24, 2010 by DeSean Payne NMSU Round Up

This year marks the 100 year anniversary for the Associated Students of New Mexico State University said President of ASNMSU Travis Dulany. But what exactly is ASNMSU?

According to the Associated Students of New Mexico State University website,, ASNMSU is the largest student organization on campus that is aimed at helping students through various activities, services and events.

“ASNMSU seeks to maintain quality services, while keeping the cost to students low, “said Dulany, “We seek to provide programming at little or no cost, provide free services which keep students safe, and provide leadership opportunities through internships or by providing conference funding to student clubs.”

The organization provides certain funding that are received from the student body out of the student fees. According to the ASNMSU website, this fee is $41.25 from each full time student.

The money is then distributed to various organizations and groups throughout campus through the Senate of 30 NMSU students elected by the student body. Dulany said the Senate, also known as the Legislative branch, sets guidelines and laws that the executive branch of the student government puts in place.

Along with the legislative branches, there are the executive and judicial branches of the student government, much like the government of the United States.

ASNMSU also has a focus on activity work according to the ASNMSU website. These events put on by the activities branch include Aggie Welcome Week, Crimson Crush Pep Rally, Noche de Luminaria, and Spring Fling according to the site.

Dulany said that it is important to have an organization such as ASMSU, the link between administrators and students, because “Without a strong advocate like ASNMSU, maintaining a united voice for students would be very difficult.”

Dulany said that the organization is a diverse group of student since the opportunities provided by ASNMSU are open to the student body. These opportunities, Dulany said, include running for office, work, or volunteer for ASNMSU.

Other things run on campus by ASNMSU include Pete’s Pickup, Crimson Cab, Student Legal Aid Program, Aggie Transit, Homecoming and cultural events. For more information concerning any of these things or ASNMSU in general their website is

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