Award Winning Las Cruces Filmmakers Team with NMSU College of Business and American Indian Professors to create Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics film

July 6, 2012, by Grace Ann Rosile, Associate Professor, Department of Management, via email

Author’s note

This film project is supported by a grant from the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative to the NMSU College of Business, Dean Garrey Carruthers (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Bruce Huhmann (Chair, Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.).

The video Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics will be made available free of charge for classroom use upon its completion in December 2012.

Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics

New Mexico State University’s College of Business is teaming up with Native American faculty and local award-winning filmmakers to create an ethics education film. Funding comes from the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative through NMSU’s College of Business.

The film Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics draws inspiration from tribal traditions, and applies those insights to the business world. To the extent that we want to build relationships and a strong sense of community in our organizations, we are all “tribal.”

Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics award-winning “stars” are behind the camera as well as in front of it exemplified by the following story:

Jonas Huerta, Tribal Wisdom’s director of photography (DP), was also DP of the film Zipper submitted to a recent one-week “shoot out,” or movie-making competition in Roswell, New Mexico. While there, a friend said to Huerta, “There’s a rumor that a mystery film crew swept 5 of the 9 awards. Maybe it’s your guys’.” Huerta said he was sure it was not his group, no way, with their camera and budget costing only about 1/10th that of most competitors’. Thus it was especially thrilling when Huerta’s group won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, and Best Actor. They were the underdog “mystery crew” that swept the awards!

Zipper will be shown at the Las Cruces Filmmaker’s event on Wednesday, July 11, at the Rio Grande Theatre.

A brief summary of past honors for the Tribal Wisdom team includes:

  • Grace Ann Rosile, associate professor of management at NMSU, Daniels Fund Fellow, and producer of Tribal Wisdom. Recipient of the 2005 “Champion of Integrity” annual national award from the Center for Academic Integrity. The idea for for the film was Rosile’s.
  • Ed Breeding, Soledad Productions, documentary filmmaker, painter, and executive director, Tribal Wisdom. Breeding’s film Reign of the Jaguar is scheduled for broadcoast on KRWG at 10:00 pm, August 4.
  • Joe T. Meier, director, Tribal Wisdom, and May 2012 graduate of NMSU’s prestigious Creative Media Institute (CMI). Executive producer of the Las Cruces film The Harp which premiered locally in May 2012. Meier also recruited Jonas Huerta and Aron Hethcox for Tribal Wisdom.
  • Jonas Huerta, directory of photography, Tribal Wisdom. Director of photography for Zipper, winner of the Roswell International Film Festival and SCIFI Shoot-Out Film Competition for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editor, and Best Actor.
  • Don Pepion, NMSU associate professor of anthropology, Daniels Fund Fellow, and consultant, Tribal Wisdom. Performed on horseback for Queen Elizabeth II during her Diamond Jubilee pageant, June 2012.
  • David Boje, NMSU professor of management and Daniels Fund Fellow, consultant, Tribal Wisdom. Author of 17 books and over 100 journal articles on storytelling, Boje was a recipient of NMSU’s 2012 Distinguished Achievement Professorship award.

Featured in the film will be:

  • Gregory Cajete: Director, Native American Studies, University of New Mexico.
  • Yolanda Martinez: Winner in 2001 and 2004 of the Native American Music Awards/Grammy Awards (Best Female Artist/Compilation); winner of the 2008 NATIVE-E “Best Remake” award; and owner of Legends Alive Productions, LLC, (singer/songwriter/drum performances and lectures).
  • Justin McHorse: Director, American Indian Program, NMSU.
  • Garrey Carruthers: Dean, College of Business, NMSU; Vice President for Economic Development, NMSU, and former Governor of New Mexico (1987-1990).
  • Bruce Huhmann: Associate professor of marketing, NMSU, and chair of the College of Business Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative.
  • Jaime Geronimo Vela: Doctoral student, NMSU; tribal cultural anthropologist; and actor.
  • Joe Gladstone: Doctoral candidate, Management Department, NMSU; and DFEI Ethics Fellow.
  • Don Pepion: Associate Professor of Anthropology, NMSU; and Daniels Fund Fellow.
  • Andrea Tawney: Assistant Dean/Development, College of Business, NMSU.
  • Calvin M. Boardman: Professor of finance, Bill Daniels Chair in Business Ethics, and adjunct professor of philosophy, University of Utah. Project director of Ethically Speaking: Perspectives from Utah’s Business Leaders, a Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and University of Utah documentary film produced in 2012 by public television station KUED, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics will be made available free of charge for classroom use upon its completion in December 2012. Contact: Dr. Grace Ann Rosile,, 575.646.5684.

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