2002 DA: Lisa Donnini (’78)

Dr. Lisa Donnini

Dr. Lisa Donnini

Distinguished Alumna: Lisa Donnini (’78)

Dr. Lisa Donnini graduated in 1978 with a Masters of Arts degree in Economics from the College of Business Administration and Economics at NMSU. She also received her Bachelor of Science degree from Home Economics in 1976 at NMSU. She later earned her PhD in 1984 from Oklahoma State University.

Currently she is the Assistant Vice President of the Securities Industry Association and Deputy Director of the Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education located in New York City. She is married and commutes from Laingsburg, Michigan. Dr. Donnini is a native of Las Cruces.

Dorothy Hughes, NMSU’s Stockmarket Game Coordinator, nominated Lisa and Economics Department Head, Mike Ellis, forwarded her nomination to the College Executive Committee where a unanimous vote was taken to send her name forward to the Alumni Association for their deliberation. Their decision was announced July 21, 2002.

The Stock Market Game reaches 700,000 students annually. Under the direction of Dr. Donnini, this program reaches teachers and students in classrooms across the country and internationally. New Mexico State University plays a vital role in delivery of this program. Dorothy Hughes is directly involved in many aspects of the national program. This significant program partnership provides for distribution of literature and program materials, which contain the NMSU logo and address, to schools nationwide . . . a tremendous visibility and recruiting tool for NMSU.

Dr. Donnini will address the Homecoming Scholarship Luncheon group on Friday, October 11, 2002. Congratulations Dr. Donnini!