2012 DA: Jackie Kerby Moore (‘82)

Distinguished Alumna: Jackie Kerby Moore (‘82)

Jackie Kerby Moore. (Submitted photo)

Jackie Kerby Moore. (Submitted photo)

Jackie Kerby Moore’s NMSU education, a double major in management and marketing, established the business foundation needed for her extensive involvement with the Sandia Science & Technology Park, the research park affiliated with Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jackie currently serves as the Executive Director and oversees all aspects of the Park program-management, marketing, and recruiting of tenant companies.

The Sandia Science & Technology Park serves as home for 33 companies and organizations employing almost 2500 people, with total investment in the Park exceeding $350 million.

Under Jackie’s leadership, the park has earned more than six awards from nationally acclaimed organizations in the field of technology. Her own leadership and activity have led organizations to recognize her individual qualities as well. She continues to be recognized as one of New Mexico’s Power Brokers, has been featured on CNBC Television, is a frequent participant on local radio shows, and has delivered talks about her research park throughout the world.

Jackie has not let the fame cloud her memory of or devotion to her alma mater. She serves as an advocate for NMSU and lends her expertise for the advancement of the Arrowhead Research Park at NMSU. She is a strong supporter of Arrowhead’s Entrepreneurship Center, and mentors staff and faculty. She has been an involved alumna by supporting College of Business endeavors and engaging with faculty. Jackie is a proud Aggie and always makes it a point when she is interviewed to mention she owes much of her professional success to the great education she received while earning a double major in the NMSU College of Business.