2003 Hall of Fame

C. Leroy Crow (’72)

Leroy Crow, a native New Mexican and a 1972 NMSU graduate, is the executive vice president of refining for Giant Industries Inc., in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He is responsible for all commercial issues involving Giant’s Refining Division, including crude oil ad raw materials purchases, and the marketing of refined products for the Bloomfield, Gallup and Yorktown, VA, refineries.

James Wetherbe (’71)

James Weatherbe of Albuquerque, a 1971 NMSU graduate, holds the Stevenson Chair of Information Technology at Texas Tech University.

He is a speaker, author and leading authority on the use of computers and information systems to improve organizational performance and competitiveness.

Weatherbe has written 20 highly regarded books and more than 200 articles. He writes regular columns, serves as a consulting editor for publishing companies and was ranked one of the top dozen consultants in management information systems by Information Week Magazine.