Service to the Profession/COB/NMSU Award-Faculty



  • Larry Blank, Service/University (EASIB)
  • Pat Gavin, Service/Profession (PGA Golf MGT/MKTG)


  • Mike Hyman, Service/University (MKTG)
  • Tim Query, Service/Profession (FIN)


  • Dennis Clason, Service/University (ASTAT/EASIB)
  • Mike Hyman, Service/Profession (MKTG)

2012-2013: Pat Gavin (PGA Golf MGT/MKTG)
2011-2012: Richard Oliver (ACCT/IS)
2010-2011: Gerald Hampton (MKTG)
2009-2010: Jim Peach (EASIB)
2008-2009: Maria de Boyrie (FIN)
2007-2008: Sherry Mills (ACCT/IS)
2006-2007: David Daniel (ASTAT/EASIB)
2005-2006: Chris Erickson (EASIB)
2004-2005: Richard Oliver (ACCT/IS)
2003-2004: Kerry Alt (ACCT/IS)
2002-2003: Dennis Clason (ASTAT/EASIB)
2001-2002: Herbert H. Ortega (EASIB)
2000-2001: Joseph Benson (MGT)


College of Business faculty award. Recognizes the faculty member who has made the most significant service contributions to the College. For purposes of this award, service to a particular department or to NMSU as a whole is also considered service to the College. Such service is internal to the institution and includes such activities as serving on committees and task forces or undertaking major internal projects (such as accreditation).