Amazing Aggies


Instituted by Waded Cruzado, former NMSU Interim President. Faculty, staff, alumni, outreach personnel, students and friends of the university recognize fellow members of the NMSU family for activities and/or services — above and beyond the call of duty — on behalf of NMSU or the community.

NMSU comprehensive list of Amazing Aggies.


College of Business Amazing Aggies:

  • Kathleen Brook: “I wish to nominate Dr. Kathleen Brook as an Amazing Aggie. She has been a member of the Economics faculty for 29 years and an Associate Dean in the College of Business for over 12 years. She is by my declaration (with plenty of support) the best Associate Academic Dean in the State. Other than having one of the more cluttered offices at NMSU, she is extremely well organized, readily (too readily) assumes any and all tasks for the College and NMSU to include managing our leadership team/undergraduate advising/the MBA program/accreditation, is very active in all facets of the NMSU academic community, is the glue that holds the College of Business together, and provides full time psychiatric services for faculty members, students, staff, other Deans and her husband Dr. Jim Peach. An extraordinary woman doing extraordinary things for all at NMSU! Just an AMAZING AGGIE!” Salute submitted by Dean, Garrey Carruthers.
  • Renee Brown. “Renee was given the task to totally revamp the College of Business Website with the help of a student employee. She took on this task with great effort and thought, meeting several times throughout the process with departments to get feedback. She also holds training sessions to allow COB faculty and staff the opportunity to see just how the web pages work. The web pages went live this spring and even though there have been a few bumps along the way, and it is still a work in progress. Renee is still leading strong. She greets criticism and questions with a calm demeanor, and does her best to explain why things are being done the way they are being done. Renee is, and should be, proud of the work done on the web pages. I will be proud to be part of the Cobweb Tag Team she is putting together to help maintain the web pages. Go Girl!” Salute submitted by Patti Benzie.
  • Cheri Coffelt. “Cheri Coffelt works diligently planning events to make sure that the College of Business impresses students, staff, faculty, and alumni. She is consistently seeking ways to improve on events and better manage the way that we interact and recognize donors. Donors consistently complement her on her positive personality and willingness to go the extra mile. Cheri is organized, cheerful and thoughtful. She makes the College of Business and NMSU shine. Cheri truly is an Amazing Aggie.” Salute submitted by Sylvia Acosta
  • Yolanda Sanchez. “Yolanda has won well-deserved accolades from department heads in the College of Business for quickly mastering the art and science of scheduling rooms each semester. Our once lengthy meetings to resolve classroom issues are now short and dull to everyone’s delight. Recently, when classroom space was limited, Yolanda (thinking outside the classroom box) proposed that we knock down a wall between two small classrooms to provide one larger, more useful room. We are now working with OFS to accomplish that. Yolanda is conscientious, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. She is truly an Amazing Aggie.” Salute submitted by Kathy Brook.
  • Dustin Simon (’09). “Dustin Simon is a marketing major at NMSU and due to graduate this semester. During his time at NMSU, Dustin has gone above and beyond all expectations placed on him. Aside from being advertising manager at the Round Up, Dustin is heavily involved as a student ambassador with the international students currently studying at NMSU. In my opinion this would be enough to be considered an amazing Aggie; however, Dustin being a marketing student is also heavily involved in the ADFED NMSU chapter. For the upcoming competition in Salt Lake City – Dustin has taken fundraising for the team to the next level, raising an incredible amount (over $600) in less than one week. These are just a few examples of how Dustin has been a contributor to the university and the community. How has Dustin inspired me? The amount of time he spends on activities that benefit others, such as being a student ambassador for the international students, is to be admired. I am one of the international students that Dustin took under his wing and my experience at NMSU has been greatly enhanced because of it. His passion for marketing and his love of advertising and the Round Up is also inspiring. I feel a better person being around him and he motivates me to immerse myself in any available student organization that is of interest to me at NMSU. Without him my time at NMSU would have been fine – but with him, my time at NMSU has been spectacular! Thanks Dust! You are an amazing Aggie!” Salute submitted by Elizabeth Hamilton
  • Sarah Stoltzfus (’09). “Sarah Stoltzfus is the President of Student Government for Campus Residents (SGCR) and has a double major of Journalism and Finance. Sarah is a very energetic, forward thinking student who is always looking for ways that new programs might benefit her fellow students and community. She is consistently open to new ideas and very much enjoys being in position to influence events on campus. Sarah is an outstanding example of a great leader and excellent role-model. She maintains professionalism at all times during work, along with being “down-to-earth” and very much approachable. She is a powerful speaker and dedicated to her position as President of SGCR. She is always thinking about the positive side of any situation. Her smile and her enthusiasm are truly inspirational. She is a great young women and everyone she works with are honored to know her, especially her fellow students. Good luck in your future plans and make NMSU proud Sarah!” Salute submitted by Jared McDonald.
  • Phillip C. Trujillo, Student Ambassador (’08). “Phillip Trujillo is one of the most amazing students I have known. He always goes above and beyond in serving others. For example, this summer he worked for Target in MN. Nonetheless, he kept in close contact with several of us working on the inaugural Pete V. Domenici Public Policy Conference. When he returned to campus in August, he did not take any days off. Instead, he hit the ground running. He worked long hours for several days. He was right in the middle of all the stress in my office, yet he always stayed cool and collected. He is so dependable and never says no to NMSU administrators. His makes positive contributions by reaching out to all of our constituencies. He inspires me because of his positive and charming attitude. He is amazing!” Salute submitted by Christina Chavez Kelley
  • Jennifer Villa, MGT PhD alumna (’00). “Dr. Jennifer Villa is currently the Director of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) for the College of Education (CoEd). She has taken on the role of facilities monitor/contact for the CoEd’s O’Donnell Hall. She is the go-to person when there is anything needing attention; everything from dealing with graffiti, to lighting, heating and cooling, painting, leaking roofs, plumbing issues, and custodial needs. These are all relayed to Dr. Villa, who then arranges to make things right by working closely with OFS and other campus and off-campus services. In the summer of 2007 she took on the role of the go-between for the CoEd Dean and the contractors when the remodeling of O’Donnell Hall began and all throughout the two years it took to complete. She was very instrumental with finding locations for the CoEd personnel both with the beginning move and the return to O’Donnell Hall. She always handles every task given to her with a smile and willingness to get the job done in a timely manner. Dr. Villa is an amazing Aggie and has the GO-GIVE spirit.” Salute submitted by John Bazan.