Behavioral Lab for Business Research

June 5, 2013 by Dr. Collin Payne, Assistant Professor of Marketing, College of Business for NMSU Research News Vol. 6 No. 18

Collin Payne, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Collin Payne, Assistant Professor of Marketing.
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Starting fall 2013, New Mexico State University will benefit from a behavioral lab for business research as a result of a $19,568 investment by the College of Business (CoB) and the Marketing Department.

The lab will facilitate multidisciplinary behavioral research by (a) providing a physical space to conduct studies, (b) providing software, hardware, and equipment necessary to conduct studies, (c) providing easy access to data, and (d) improving the quality of collected data.

Lab equipment modularity will offer sufficient flexibility to change the research settings and accommodate quantitative and qualitative research in both small groups or at the individual level.

The behavioral lab addresses key objectives aligned with NMSU’s College of Business long-term goals to (a) achieve self-sustainability by supporting grant-related initiatives, (b) grow the graduate business programs, and (c) maintain and increase its position as the premier business institution in the state of New Mexico and the Southwest, respectively.

Specifically, we foresee the creation of the behavioral lab accomplishing the following:

Increase College of Business’ capability to access external grants that require on-site and off-site data collection throughout New Mexico.
The behavioral lab will build internal research capacity to better compete for external grants where flexibility in data collection will be critical to project success. Seeking external funding represents a major change in the strategic direction of the College of Business towards research self-sustainability to align its research goals with those of the university. A side-effect of improved access to higher quality grant-based data is improved research output in top journals among CoB faculty involved in multi-disciplinary human behavior research.
Provide support to CoB graduate programs.
The existence of a behavioral lab will assist recruitment for our graduate programs. The behavioral lab will allow the college to compete with similar Ph.D. granting institutions in the Southwest in recruiting students interested in behavioral research. Training of our undergraduate and graduate students. The lab will serve as training tool in experimental research by offering internship opportunities to our diverse undergraduate student body, and providing graduate students with easy access to behavioral data for dissertations and/or collaborative studies. The increased research productivity will ultimately lead to better job placement of CoB graduate students.
The behavioral lab will increase visibility for the College of Business.
The lab can attract multidisciplinary collaborations (within and outside NMSU). Investigators from departments such as Marketing; Management; Economics; Finance; Accounting; Public Health; Psychology; Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management; Community Extension; Consumer and Family Sciences; Nutrition; Anthropology; and Sociology could benefit from the behavioral lab located in the CoB. Higher multi-disciplinary research activity may result in increased visibility of the CoB as a leader in creative efforts to help solve business problems related to human behavior and act as a liaison with the business community.

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