COB 50th Anniversary: WWII Barracks to Domenici Hall 1964-2014

April 16, 2014 by COB Staff

Published on April 15, 2014

A look back at the NMSU College of Business buildings.

1943: World War II reduces the enrollment at NMSU. The all-time enrollment low in Business Administration occurs in 1943 when only 12 students are listed as majors in the Department.

1947: Soon after World War II ends, surplus barracks from all parts of New Mexico and the El Paso, TX, area appear on NMSU’s campus. Two of these barracks from the Deming Air Force Base are assigned to the Department of Business and are occupied in 1947.

1950: The Department of Business Administration and Economics is moved into the basement of the new Hadley Hall. However, the expansion of the Business Office made it necessary to move Business Administration and Economics back into the World War II barracks.

1954: After the new administration building (later named Hadley Hall) is completed in 1953, the Department of Commerce moves into the basement during the summer of 1954.

1964: Created by action of the Board of Regents on September 10, 1963, the College of Business Administration and Economics (CBAE) becomes a reality. The CBAE is the fifth college of NMSU. The name of the college was selected in recognition of the close relationship between effective business policy and sound economic theory.

In September, 1964, the college registers its first students (600).

Gwynne Leland Guthrie becomes the college’s first dean.

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